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The designer of the Jewish museum's new logo has the following to say about this: “This logo consists of three – a significant number in Jewish mysticism – variously shaped strips which incorporate the name of the museum in each of its language versions. The arrangement of the shapes is not related to any specific symbolism; it does not serve to describe or depict anything specific. Its sources are visual and emotional... The logo's apparently robust form is lightened by a pattern of mostly non-rectangular lines in each of the three segments. The unique modern shape is compact and compatible both as part of its own visual style and within a different design.” At the end of each strip are colourful 'crystals', which may symbolize the jewels of Jewish culture. It may be noted that abstract logos are also used by the Jewish museums of New York, San Francisco and Berlin, among others.

The Jewish Museum in Prague has changed its visual style in order to better reflect its identity as an institution that is not only focused on the past but is also open to what is happening in the present and, in particular, is responsive to visitor needs. The museum's new visual style respects the unique nature of this institution; rather than emphasizing the tragic aspects of Jewish history – which the museum also undoubtedly represents – the main goal is to highlight the museum's international importance, remarkable history and unique collections.
Until now, the museum has had no uniform visual style (apart from its logo, which was designed more than 15 years ago by Milan Jaroš) and there has been no graphic consistency in its visitor orientation system, website and printed materials. The new visual style creates a comprehensive image of the museum which will bring together its various features, make it instantly identifiable and enable it to respond to the need for further development and change.
The new visual style is designed by Jan Jiskra.

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