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A monograph on the 500th anniversary of Hebrew Printing in Bohemia and Moravia has recently been published by the Jewish Museum in Prague in conjunction with the Academia publishing house to accompany the exhibition “You won’t need to see a rabbi”. Edited by the museum’s curator of manuscripts and rare printed books, Olga Sixtová, with essays by various authors from the Czech Republic and abroad, this work provides the first ever detailed look at various aspects of this topic which it places in a wider context.

Looking at Hebrew printing from a broader cultural and historical angle, Pavel Sládek’s study takes us into a world in which this phenomenon was still something new and shows how it was regarded, appraised and utilized by contemporaries. There are two studies by the editor of the book, Olga Sixtová: the first provides an overview of Prague Hebrew printing in 1512-1672, the second deals with the earliest period in the development of the typography and decoration of Prague Hebraica, and also includes a detailed bibliography of about the first fifty years (1512-1569). Facilitated by the bringing together of a unique collection of pictorial materials, Petr Voit’s original study casts new light on the extent of the first Jewish printers’ association with their Christian colleagues and the aesthetic trends of the day. The essays by Andrea Jelínková and Lenka Veselá focus on Jewish printing in Prostějov and Christian Hebrew typography in Bohemia. Shlomo Z. Berger examines the printing of Yiddish books in Prague through a comparison with that other major centre of Jewish printing, Amsterdam. Alexandr Putík tackles censorship and denunciation affairs, examining previously unpublished archive materials. Focusing on Moses Israel Landau – the leading Jewish intellectual of Prague – Iveta Cermanová’s essay explores the last creative period of Hebrew printing in the Bohemian lands.

The book is amply illustrated with more than 200 illustrations, more than half of which have never been published before. The illustrations feature unique items that have been preserved in about twenty libraries in Europe, Israel and the United States. There is also a detailed index.

In Czech, 274 pp., 33 cm
ISBN 978-80-200-2197-7
Price: 650 CZK /28 EUR /35 USD
E-shop (E-shop)Price: 500 CZK /22 EUR /27 USD

In English, 274 pp., 33 cm
ISBN 978-80-200-2220-2
Price: 850 CZK /37 EUR /45 USD
E-shop (E-shop)Price: 700 CZK /30 EUR /37 USD

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