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Shoah History Archive


Shoah History Archive

Curator: [email] Jana Šplíchalová, Head of the Shoah History Department
Queries and information: [email] holocaust[at]jewishmuseum.cz

This section deals with the history of the Holocaust of Bohemian and Moravian Jews, gathering, documenting and classify (among other things) archive documents, photographs and the personal narratives of Holocaust survivors.

This section is responsible for the administration of the Terezín Archive Collection, which contains official documents associated with the activities of the Jewish Council of Elders and their offices in the Terezín ghetto, the estates of Terezín prisoners (literary works, music scores, theatre plays, diaries, albums, magazines) and personal narratives of Holocaust survivors. The second archive collection - Persecution Documents - contains various archive documents and estates from the Holocaust period, which did not originate in the Terezín ghetto, and personal narratives concerning the period of Nazi persecution.

The work of this department also involves the administration of a photography collection from the Holocaust period and of a series of tape-recorded narratives of Holocaust survivors; the latter is an ongoing project that was launched in 1990. This section has at its disposal records - in the form of card indexes, registers and a special computer programme - of Holocaust victims from the territory of the former Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia and of Jewish victims from Germany, Austria, Holland and Slovakia who passed through the Terezín ghetto. Staff provide information, research services, photographic records from the Pinkas Synagogue and, where required, searches for data relating to Holocaust victims (both individuals and groups).

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Chartering modern history of the Jews from Bohemian and Moravian countries



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