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Archive of the Jewish Museum in Prague

Archive closed
The archive of the Jewish Museum in Prague will be temporarily closed to the public from 1 October 2014 until early 2015 due to the construction of a fire suppression system in the archive’s depository. The re-opening date is to be specified depending on the progress of construction work. The depository will have to be cleared for the duration of the works, preventing us from handling any research enquiries. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Curator of Archive: [email] Vlastimila Hamackova

Archive of the Jewish Museum in Prague
At present, the Archive of the Jewish Museum in Prague contains almost 1,000 metres of archival records. The main part of the Archive comprises archival material pertaining to the individual Jewish communities of Bohemia and Moravia. Also stored here are holdings belonging to certain Jewish associations and organizations, as well as a collection of personal papers. Part of the Archive is a small collection of patents and circulars, a collection of seals and a collection of sheet music.

The Archive also contains documents on the individual Jewish communities, with photographs of synagogues, ghettoes and cemeteries, reports on on-site research projects and references to literary and other sources on the history of Jewish settlement in specific areas.

A small yet valuable collection of early documents, acquired through purchases or donations, was put together by the Jewish Museum before World War II. Most of the materials, however, came to the Museum during the war. The archives of Jewish communities from the separated borderland are only represented with a few documents. Materials from other communities, too, have not always been preserved to the appropriate extent. In certain cases, only fragments of documents have survived. Preserved documents dating from after 1945 are far less frequent.

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