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Restoration Studios


Metal Restoration Workshop

The metal restoration workshop is focused primarily on the restoration and conservation of the Museum's rich collection of metal artefacts - mostly silver, but also copper, brass, pewter, iron and other metals. It is also involved in the treatment of wooden objects from the collection.

Metal Restoration WorkshopThis unit is divided into three sections. The first is equipped as a gold-, silversmith's and metal-chiseller's workshop where objects are restored by means of traditional craft procedures. (For these purposes it is equipped with traditional machines, as well as modern implements). The second section comprises the chemical laboratory, which is where objects are analyzed, de-conserved, treated for corrosion, cleaned and then mechanically, chemically and electrochemically treated and conserved. This section is equipped with three high-quality fume cupboards and a sophisticated ventilation system. The third section serves as a study for the restoration experts. This is where documentation of restoration measures is carried out and an archive of restoration reports is kept.

The restoration staff collaborate with external restoration specialists and other experts, in particular when restoring large brass objects and wooden furniture. There are also opportunities here for restoration students to gain professional practice.



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