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Encyclopaedia of Jewish Communities


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email: [email] office[at]jewishmuseum.cz

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110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic

phone: (+420) 222 749 211 (212), fax. (+420) 222 749 300

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[email] Leo Pavlát, Director

[email] Michal Frankl, Deputy Director

[email] Ivana Dolejší, Head of the Finance Department


Reservation Centre

E-mail: [email] rezervacni.centrum[at]jewishmuseum.cz


U Starého hřbitova 3a
110 00 Prague 1
phone: + 420 - 222 317 191, fax: + 420 - 222 317 181

[email] Marek Selnekovič, Manager of the Reservation Centre


Archives Department

Department of Jewish History and Jewish Studies

[email] Iveta Cermanová, Department head

[email] Alexandr Putík, Specialist

[email] Daniel Polakovič, Specialist

[email] Pavel Kocman, Specialist

Archive of the Jewish Museum in Prague

[email] Vlastimila Hamačková, Archivist

Holocaust Documentation

[email] Michal Frankl, Head of the Holocaust Department

Queries and information: [email] holocaust[at]jewishmuseum.cz



[email] Lenka Ichová, Chief Librarian

[email] Jana Polišenská, Hebraist

Multimedia Centre

[email] Jana Polišenská

Collection of Rare Printed Books

[email] Silvia Singerová , Curator


Museum Collections Department

[email] Magda Veselská, Head of Collections Management

[email] Michaela Sidenberg, Collection of Painting, Graphic Art, Drawing and Photographic

[email] Jaroslav Kuntoš, Curator of Metal works

[email] Dana Veselská, Curator of Textiles, Head of the Collections Department

Photo Department

[email] Dana Cabanová, Head of the Photo Department

[email] Jiří Tatranský, Photographer, Scanner Operator

[email] Karel Bulín, Photographer, Scanner Operator

Photo Archive

[email] Martin Jelínek, Head of the Photo Archive

[email] Eduard Hauser, Publication Rights, Filming and Photography Coordinator

Development and PR Department

[email] Jana Havlíková, Department Head and PR

[email] Arno Pařík, Exhibition Curator

[email] Hana Sojková, Fundraising and Marketing

[email] Monika Stoneová, Production


Education and Culture Department

E-mail: [email] education[at]jewishmuseum.cz

Maiselova 15
110 01 Prague 1
Phone: +420- 224 819 352, +420- 222 325 172; Fax: +420- 222 318 856

[email] Miroslava Ludvíková, Department Head, lecturer in topics relating to anti-Semitism and the Shoah

[email] Zuzana Tlášková, Judaism and history of the Jews, exhibitions

[email] Štěpán Lisý, education, fund-raising


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