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October 12

Tuesday 2 October, 5 p.m.: Moravian Land Rabbis - the opening of the exhibition dedicated to five Moravian land Rabbis – Mordechai Benet called “Wonder Rabbi”, Menachem Mendel Krochmal, Shmuel Shmelk Horowitz – an important representative of Chasidism in Moravia, and David Oppenheimer.


Tuesday 16 October, 6 p.m.: The Making of Czech Jewry – a lecture by American historian Hillel J. Kieval, the author of “The Making of Czech Jewry. National Conflict and Jewish Society in Bohemia, 1870 – 1918.” (Paseka, 2012). The lecture will be held in English with simultaneous translation into Czech.     Admission CZK 30,-.


Sunday 21 October, 14:30 p.m.: What Was Life like in Biblical Times ... for Animals – Sunday workshop for parents and children over five. The Torah in many of its passages compares the Israeli people to a herd of sheep or goats. These parables are not accidental at all as these animals were of real wealth for the Biblical people. And not only the animals mentioned above but many others which the Israelis bred and used for their strength and various products. So discussion about both domestic and dangerous animals is awaiting you at the next Sunday workshop and of course traditional playing and painting. This time, however, we will deposit the colours into a box and use something more odorous, for example tea and coffee ...  Admission CZK 30,-.



Tuesday 23 October, 6 p.m.: Memories of the Jewish Community in Luhačovice – a lecture by Blanka Petráková from the Museum of Luhačovické Zálesí established at the Museum of the Southeast Moravia in Zlín. Currently a visitor to Luhačovice cannot encounter on his walk any building, memorial or symbol indicating how tightly this spa town was connected with a Jewish community in past times. The existence of the Luhačovice Jewish community - both its citizens or spa visitors - has almost been forgotten as well as the fates of individuals and families that created this community. However, documents and fragments can be found in archives and literature which, together with the memories of the oldest witnesses to the pre-war years, display how the Jews participated in the life of the town and the development of the Luhačovice spa. The lecture will be introduced by Erika Bezdíčková.

                                                                                                          Admission CZK 30,-.



Thursday 25 October, 6 p.m.:  The Biggest Business of My Life. A reflection on the personality of an outstanding woman – Blanka Bergerová (1914 – 2009) - who did not hesitate to risk her life to save her relatives in times of terror during World War II. Her book is about the mobilization of amazing spiritual strength, instinct, optimism, courage and love towards a neighbour. When others had given themselves up to fate, she successfully went on a crusade of saving lives. She faced evil and managed not only to save her family but many others. After the war she moved to Israel where she got married and had a family. In spite of her modest style of writing her distinctive personality rises from the book´s pages. Her son Dr. Avihou Efrat, PhD – will speak not only about the book but also about Blanka Bergerová´s life. The lecture is held in English with translation into Czech. In collaboration with the Jewish Community Brno.            Admission CZK 30,-



Tuesday 30 October, 6 p.m.: Prague Student – a lecture by Martin Jiroušek, a film critic, historian and publicist on the film whose author is connected with anti-Semitic tendencies. The unique place of pre-war Prague became a spot of meeting and blending of Czech, German and Jewish culture. In 1913 in the streets of the Old Town the author very first film – Prague Student - was made. It is based on the screenplay of controversial writer H. H. Ewers. It is a silent German film made by Stellan Rye and is considered the first film of the horror genre. (http://www.filmy-ke-shlednuti.net/prazsky-student-1913/). The lecture is based on an interview with Juraj Herz who provided the lecturer with valuable remarks.                                                                                                                                 Admission CZK 30,-


For the whole month of October, in the hall of the Department for Education and Culture of the Jewish Museum, the travelling exhibition Moravian Land Rabbis will be available for viewing. The degree of Moravian Land Rabbi was the highest and most prestigious degree for the Jewish clergy in Moravia. The most capable scholars of spiritual law who enjoyed the general authority in all layers of the Jewish community were elected into this position. Some of the Moravian land rabbis, whose seat was Mikulov for three centuries, made their mark on the cultural history of the land, while some have almost been forgotten. Therefore the Regional Museum in Mikulov decided to create an exhibition dedicated to several important rabbis – the most important personalities of the Jewish district in Mikulov who were buried at the Jewish cemetery there. The exhibition is accessible on the days listed in the monthly programme and by a telephone appointment any time.            Admission free



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