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Evening programmes

Education and Culture Centre - BRNO Office

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November 12

Thursday 1 November, 6 p.m.: The Loss and Gain of Property - a lecture from the series “Selected Topics from the Jewish Private Law” by Brno rabbi Shlomo Kučera. Basic awareness of this field generally belongs to the most popular and practical knowledge of the area of private law that we can use even in situations of everyday life.  Even here we come across a need of a more thorough analysis where a shallow knowledge of law and “common sense” cannot give a sufficient answer. And just in such situations the solutions offered by various systems may significantly differ. We will have a look at some recipes of the workshop of rabbi erudition of past centuries. Admission 30,- CZK.


Tuesday 6 November, 5 p.m.: Hieronymus Lorm – the Man Who Opened the World for the Deaf and Blinds – the opening of the exhibition prepared by the Regional Museum in Mikulov. The exhibition is dedicated to the life and work of this extraordinary man. Visitors will be able to encounter the unknown and even for us sometimes dark world of the deaf and blinds of which Hieronymus Lorm was a part of. Admission free.


Thursday 15 November, 6 p.m.: Reading Becomes Everyone – the actresses from Brno theatres will read their favourite books written by Jewish authors. The event is held in collaboration with the Rabbi Feder Culture and Education Centre of the Jewish Community Brno. Admission 30,- CZK.  


Sunday 18 November, 2 p.m.: Willi Bondy´s Story ... Among thirteen new stones that were laid in Brno this year on 29 October, the stone situated at Kapitán Jaroš Street 18 commemorates  officer Wilhelm (Willi) Bondy who perished in Auschwitz on 30 August 1941 at the age of 44. His fate is worthy of attention for the reason he was arrested, deported and finally murdered by the Nazis was not just his Jewish origin, but also his sexual orientation. Those who are interested in the story of Willi Bondy, the Nazi terror in Brno and the persecution of homosexuality in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia are cordially invited to a lecture by historians Jan Seidel (Faculty of Humanities, Charles University) and Michal Konečný (Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University in Brno) that will be held within the queer film festival Mezipatra. The lecture is also held in collaboration with the Rabbi Feder Culture and Education Centre of the Jewish Community Brno.



Sunday 18 November, 2:30 p.m.: What Was Life like in Biblical Times ... for Plants.  Everybody knows figs, olives and flax. But do you know what does coriander, an almond tree or pomegranate tree look like? If not then accept our invitation for our next workshop which will this time be dedicated to Israeli flora. Together we will have a look at the trees, flowers and corn that grew in Israel, what they were used for and how they were processed. We will not only remain at theory but you can also look forward to joining your taste buds and dexterous hands when creating with the help of pressed flowerets. The workshop for parents and children over five will be held in the children´s workshop of the Jewish Community Brno at the same address, Kapitán Jaroš Street 3. Admission 30,- CZK.



Monday 19 November, 6 p.m.: Catholic Church and the Jews – a lecture by Jaroslav Kadlec from the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University on the relationship of the Catholic Church (or its representatives) towards the Jewish minority in pre-war Poland. At the beginning you will learn the term anti-Semitism, and its importance and role in Church circles. Then stress will be put on problematic points in Catholic-Jewish relation, for example the ban on ritual slaughter or the question of Jewish education. Admission 30,- CZK.




Monday 26 November, 6 p.m.: The Jews and Polish during World War II – the Jedwabne Case. In this lecture the focal point will be the period of World War II and the excesses that took place in the Polish country during that time. One of the most famous events was the pogrom of Jewish inhabitants in the town of Jedwabne. Besides a description of events, we will see how Polish society dealt and are still dealing with this crime. A lecture by Jaroslav Kadlec is held within the course Anti-Semitism in the Poland of the 20th Century which will continue with another two lectures in December. Admisson 30,- CZK.


In November you can see the exhibition Hieronymus Lorm – the Man Who Opened the World for the Deaf and Blinds in the hall of the Department for Education and Culture of the Jewish Museum. The year 2011 was the 190th anniversary of the birth of an important personality and Mikulov native Hieronymus Lorm. He made his mark in history not only as a poet, philosopher and journalist but particularly as the creator of a finger touch alphabet for the deaf and blinds which is named after him – Lorm´s alphabet. The exhibition is accessible on the days listed in the monthly programme and by a telephone appointment any time.  Admission free.   


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