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Evening programmes

Education and Culture Centre - BRNO Office

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November 13

Tuesday 5 November, 6 p.m.: The Arch of Memory.  The book of the same title is dedicated to the more than one-hundred-year history of the Jewish Museum in Prague and it reflects in many aspects the dramatic destinies of the Czech and Moravian Jews of the last century. The book, whose author Magda Veselská is coming to Brno to present it, is based on an extensive research in Czech and foreign archives.  Admission CZK 30,-



Thursday 7 November, 6 p.m.: Judaism and Women in Israel. A lecture by Marcela Zoufalá is based on her book of the same title which tries to acquaint readers with today´s reality of the Jewish state. Through interviews with local inhabitants she describes the socio-cultural, historic and religious context that contributes to the establishment of a complicated image of Israeli society. The lecture will be held in collaboration with the Culture and Education Centre of Rabbi Feder at the Jewish Community Brno. Admission CZK 30,-



Sunday 10 November, 6 p.m.: Simchat Torah. What is the meaning of the feast of Simchat Torah? What actually is the Torah? Where can we find it and what does it look like? The participants of this workshop will learn all about this and each of them will make and decorate their own “Torah”. A workshop for parents with children over five. Admission CZK 30,-



Thursday 14 November, 6 p.m.: Friendship in Spite of Hitler. The path of life of many thousands of Jewish families from Czechoslovakia ended during World War II. Still there are a lot of stories that continue up until now. Some Jews managed to leave the Republic before the war broke out, others were able to hide successfully. Several hundred children were helped by Sir Nicolas Winton to escape Czechoslovakia for Great Britain. Now it appears that there was a “Danish way” as well. Through it about 80 children managed to escape from the Protectorate in Autumn 1939. Judita Matyášová presented her findings in the book Friendship in Spite of Hitler. The programme takes place with the collaboration of the Culture and Education Centre of Rabbi Feder at the Jewish Community Brno and the Brno branch of the Scandinavian House.

Admission CZK 30,-



Tuesday 19 November, 6 p.m.: Mister Director, in All Humility... The vice-chairman of the Brno Jewish Community Pavel Fried invited Leo Pavlát, the director of the Jewish Museum in Prague, for a conversation.             Admission CZK 30,-


Thursday 21 November, 6 p.m.: The New Synagogue in Holešov. A lecture by Jan Machala, Holešov historian, co-author and curator of the exhibition Seventy Years from the Destruction of the New Synagogue in Holešov. We will listen to basic information about the Jewish community in Holešov at the end of the 19th century, on the building of the New Synagogue and its builder Jakob Gartner (1861-1921). The lecturer will acquaint us with the position of the Jewish community after the occupation of the Czech lands regarding the situation in Holešov and with the attacks on the synagogue that culminated in its total destruction.            Admission CZK 30,-


In November in the hall of the Department you can visit the exhibition called Seventy Years from the Destruction of the New Synagogue in Holešov. The exhibition presents the building of the New Synagogue, which does not exist today but used to be a dominant feature of the Jewish town in Holešov. The exhibition describes the preparations, course and consequences of its destruction within the larger context of the history of Moravian Jews and the Holocaust. The exhibition is on loan from the Municipal Museum and Gallery in Holešov and is accessible on the days listed in the monthly programme or by a telephone appointment any time.   Admission free


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