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December 12

Monday 3 December, 6 p.m.: The Post-war Pogroms in Krakow and Kielce – a lecture by Jaroslav Kadlec from the Faculty of Arts at Masaryk University. After the terrors of World War II and surviving the Holocaust, the Polish Jews were expecting the support and help of local inhabitants. But the reality was totally the opposite. A further persecution took place, particularly in Krakow but first of all in Kielce. Attention will be paid to how Polish society subsequently dealt with these pogroms. Admission CZK 30,-.


Tuesday 4 December, 6 p.m.:  Jewish School Today – Yeshiva in Kiev – an opening of the exhibition of black and white photographs taken by Jind°ich Buxbaum which will be personally introduced by Professor Jind°ich Štreit. Admission free.


Thursday 6 December, 6 p.m.:  Sophie´s Choice à la Czech. Winton´s children lived in Britain but there was another group of Jewish children from Czechoslovakia that survived in Sweden. What were their fates? The project Sophie´s Choice à la Czech maps the fates of 150 Jewish children from Czechoslovakia. Like the main character of William Styron´s novel Sophie´s Choice, their parents had to choose only one of their children to send to a safe place. In October 1939 the children set off for Denmark, and after they had to escape to Sweden in 1943. During their escape they lost mutual contact and after the War they went in many different directions. In January 2011, Judita Matyášová, a journalist and researcher at the Military History Institute in Prague, discovered that the former children had not seen each other for 70 years. She has been searching for them throughout the world and will present the fates she has discovered in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden and Israel. The last meeting of these “children” was held with the support of the Society of Czechs Abroad this October in Neve Ilan close to Jerusalem. Admission CZK 30,-.


Tuesday 11 December, 6 p.m.:  Chanukah – One temple, One King and One (Little) Jug. Come to listen to an ancient story of a beautiful Jewish holiday which brings light to numerous windows, doors or gates every winter. The story about king Antioch´s disrespect, Maccabees´ bravery and the great miracle that happened in the Jerusalem temple. But we will not stop only at the historic background of the holiday. We will also have a look at how the “feast of rededication “ is celebrated today, what customs and objects are connected with the celebration and why the Chanukah will light up particularly children eyes.  A lecture by Tá˛a Klementová, a lector of the Brno branch of the Department for Education and Culture of the Jewish Museum in Prague. Admission CZK 30,-.


Sunday 16  December, 6 p.m.: What Was Life like in Biblical Times ... in a City and in a Village.  The last workshop of 2012 will be not only about the places where the Israelites lived together and built their houses but also about where cities and villages originated, what the ancient houses looked like and what for sure could not be missing in them. And as building of most houses could not be done without earth, be aware that your children will have to dirty their hands a little. The workshop for parents and children over five. Admission CZK 30,-.


Thursday 20 December, 6 p.m.:  While Studying in Israel, (Un)Easily and Quickly – a presentation of photographs from an eight-month study visit to Israel this past year with  accompanying commentary by Kristýna Kubo˛ová, a Doctoral student of Religious  Studies  at the Faculty of Arts at Masaryk University. The presentation will teach us about the difficulties of living and studying in Tel Aviv and also about the natural, cultural and historic beauties of this unique country in the Middle East. Admission CZK 30,-.


For the whole month of December you can see the exhibition of photographs of Jind°ich Buxbaum called Jewish School Today – Yeshiva in Kiev. Jin°ich Buxbaum has been working on his hobby – photography - since he was 14. He is a member of the Litovel Photoclub. He made his debut as an artistic photographer with an exhibition of photographs from his travels in Israel in Olomouc in March 2010. Professor Jind°ich Štreit became the supervisor when selecting his photographs for display and he has been Baxbaum´s mentor ever since. Now the photographer presents a series of photographs from his travels in Ukraine, particularly from the yeshiva (Jewish school) in Kiev. Admission free.


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