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January 14

Tuesday 7 January 5 p.m.: This Cannot Happen Here.  The opening of the exhibition of children’s art works that were created for the competition organized every year by the Terezín Memorial. In the accompanying programme the Children’s Choir Brno will perform and be conducted by Valarie Maťšová. Pavel Fried will recall his Terezín imprisonment. The exhibition is dedicated to the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust.  Admission free



Thursday 16 January 6 p.m.Tu bi-Shevat. On the 15th day of the month of Shevat the New Year of Trees is celebrated in Jewish communities throughout the world. How is this holiday celebrated and what is its essence? Which fruit of the land should be present on the festive table in Jewish homes? A lecture by Kristýna Kuboňová will not only focus on the course of the Tu bi-Shavat celebration in the past and present but also on the symbolic resemblance between humans and trees stressed in Cabbalistic texts.

                                   Admission CZK 20,-



Tuesday 21 January 6 p.m.: From Urban Renewal to UNESCO. The Třebíč architect Lubor Herzán was from the very beginning an active participant in the transformation of the renewal of the Jewish district in Třebíč, which is now listed as a UNESCO sight. In his book From Urban Renewal to UNESCO he tells this story. The author will shortly introduce the story of the renewal of the Jewish district and will explain the fundamental transformation of the Jewish district in Třebíč using photographs. The event is held in collaboration with the Culture and Education Centre of Rabbi Feder at the Jewish Community Brno.


                                                                                                          Admission CZK 30,-



Thursday 23 January 6 p.m.: Jewish Singers on Stage at the Brno Opera. A lecture by professor Václav Věžník, one of the most noted personalities of Czech opera stage direction from the second half of the 20th century, will introduce the ten most important guests of the theatres in Brno from 1900 to 1944.   Admission CZK 30,-



Sunday 26 January 10:30 a.m.: New Year of Trees or Tu bi-Shevat.  Do you know that trees have their own New Year in the Jewish calendar too? And that on this day there is a custom to eat fifteen kinds of fruit like for example oranges, apples, dates, figs and grapes? Join us at the workshop for parents and children where you will learn about when and how this holiday is celebrated and also taste many of the fruits. During the workshop you will also become artists.

Admission CZK 30,-



The date under negotiation: Judaism and Women in Israel. A lecture by Marcela Zoufalá is based on her book of the same title which tries to acquaint us with today’s reality of the Jewish state. Through the mediation of interviews with local inhabitants it describes the socio-cultural, historic and religious context that contributes to the image of Israeli society. The lecture will be held in collaboration with the Culture and Education Centre of Rabbi Feder at the Jewish Community Brno.



For the whole month of January, in the hall of the Department you can visit the exhibition of children´s drawings from the literal and art competition organized by the Terezín Memorial called This Cannot Happen Here. This statement was made by many people in the 1930s, who in spite of the warnings, did not believe that the democratic system of Czechoslovakia would perish. Instead, the Nazis established a regime which terrorised its opponents and other groups of inhabitants – inferior from the Nazi point of view. The exhibition is accessible on the days listed in the monthly programme or by a telephone appointment any time.   Admission free



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