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Education and Culture Centre - BRNO Office

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February 13

Thursday 7 February, 5 p.m.: The Ousted Elite. An opening of the exhibition dedicated to the forgotten scholars from the German University in Prague who were, on the basis of the race laws of national socialist Germany, stigmatized for their Jewish origin in 1938. Tens of professors, associated professors, tutors and hundreds of graduates were severely persecuted and a lot of them were murdered in concentration camps. Many of them, however, were saved often thanks to their adventurous emigration to the United States, Great Britain or Palestine. The exhibition will be presented by its creators Petr Hlaváček and Dušan Radovanovič from the Faculty of Arts of Charles University.              Admission free



Tuesday 12 February, 6 p.m.: Interesting Archive Sources for the History of the Jews in Moravia. The lecture aims to provide listeners with a basic orientation in archive sources relating the history of Jews in Moravia in the periods of the Middle Ages and modern age. Listeners will learn about selected archive sources deposited in the Moravian Land Archive in Brno which document specific features of everyday Jewish life and the Jewish way of life. Particular attention will be paid to the problem of Jewish registers. A lecture by Lucie Křížová, the head of the Department for Use of Records of the Moravian Land Archive in Brno.

Admission CZK 30,-


 Tuesday 19 February, 6 p.m.:  Polish-Jewish Relations in the 1930s.  The 1930s began in Europe with the economic depression which negatively influenced the situation in Poland and influenced the attitudes of the majority of society towards the Jewish minority there. New ways of a co-existence between the Jews and Poles started to be explored while the number of discords and conflicts between the two groups increased. Radical groups, who saw examples in Nazi Germany and fascist Italy, came to the forefront. Their idea for the development of Polish-Jewish relations was a far cry from democratic ideas. The task of the Polish government was to cope with the radicalization of society and at the same time maintain peace and quiet in the country.  A lecture by Jaroslav Kadlec from the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University within the series of lectures “Polish –Jewish Relations in the 20th Century”.  Admission CZK 30,-



Sunday 24 February, 2:30 p.m.:  What Was Life like in Biblical Times ... for Kings and Queens – a workshop for parents and children over five. While talking about the kings with such interesting names as Saul, David, Solomon, Nebuchadnezzar and Cyrus and their lives and famous deeds, the participants will together create various royal decorations like colourful crowns, necklaces and bracelets.                                                                                     Admission CZK 30,-


Tuesday 26 February, 6 p.m.: How the Windows Were Beaten – a performance from the theatre company Ampulka (Phial) from Třebíč. What will happen if Rézi starts to worry about the windows? Will Modche have to move from his native house? Or with the help of Ignác will he be able to devise a little trick? Come and watch a nice comedy from the turn of the century, based on the stories by Vojtěch Rakous. Adapted and directed by Daniela Špundová. Cast: Michal Lukáč, Marta Fialová, Tereza Šanderová, Václav Bohutínský and Tomáš Nováček.            Admission CZK 30,-



Thursday 28 February, 6 p.m.: Purim – Festival of Lots - A lecture by Táňa Klementová about the funniest Jewish feast. You will learn about the historical background of today´s form of the celebration of this feast. Photographs from the biggest carnival procession that took place on 24 February in Tel Aviv will be a part of the presentation. The lecture will be completed by tasting “Haman´s ears” – traditional Purim´s pastries.  Admission CZK 30,-



For the whole month of February you can see the exhibition The Ousted Elite. The Forgotten Scholars from the German University in Prague in the hall of the Department for Education and Culture of the Jewish Museum.  The exhibition is accessible on the days listed in the monthly programme and by a telephone appointment any time.   Admission free.


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