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Evening programmes

Education and Culture Centre - BRNO Office

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March 13

Thursday 7 March, 6 p.m.: Right, Justice, Halakhah, Morality. The relationship of what right, justice and morality is, was and certainly will be under the microscope of not only legal theorists but also the general public. The interest in this problem increases after the appearance of a case well-known in the media, which points to an unsolved contradiction. And also at a moment when the lawmakers create and introduce a new legal amendment concerning the questions of morality and justice into practise. As the new Czech Civil Code brings important changes within this area it is appropriate to have a look how Halakhah – the religious legal system, of which we particularly expect high standard of accordance with morality and quest for justice - looks at these problems.  Another lecture from the series “Selected Topics from Jewish Private Law” by Brno rabbi Shlomo Kučera.               Admission CZK 30,-


Sunday 10 March, 14:30 p.m.: Einstein, Scott and Me or the Life à la Tel Aviv – the photographic opening of the exhibition that documents Israel through the eyes of Kristýna Kuboňová, a doctoral student of religion studies. Admission free


Tuesday 7 March, 6 p.m.: Dear Rabbi, in All Humility ...  Pavel Fried, the vice-chairman of the Brno Jewish Community, invited Karol Efraim Sidon, Chief Rabbi of Prague and the Czech Republic, a writer and playwright for a talk. Admission CZK 30,-


Thursday 14 March, 6 p.m.: Polish-Jewish Relations after the World War II. In the course of the shoah 3 million Polish Jews perished and the interwar multi-national Poland became a national state. It had apart from the changes of the state borders to deal with the Jewish problem. Although only a small part of them survived, anti-Jewish riots took place in Poland in the first years after the War. Another lecture by Jaroslav Kadlec from the series “Polish –Jewish Relations in the 20th Century”. Admission CZK 30,-


Sunday 17 March, 10:30 a.m.: What Was Life like in Biblical Times ... for Artisans. For the workshop for both parents and children over five talking about various trades, which are connected with Biblical stories, is prepared. The participants will have a look into the workshops of smiths, carpenters, weavers, tanners and potters. And not just a watching! Those who are interested can try their hands for example on a simple weaving loom or can work with leather. Admission CZK 30,-


Thursday 28 March, 6 p.m.: The Development of a Jewish Settlement in Moravia: High Middle Ages (13th – 14th Century). A lecture by Pavel Kocman, a specialist from the Jewish Museum in Prague, in which you will learn about not only the life in royal towns – Olomouc, Brno, Jihlava and Znojmo but also the spread of Jewish settlements outside the big royal towns, the so-called serf towns. You will also learn about the fact that a legal framework was set for the status of Jews (privileges) and that from the point of view of religious organization the first notices about rabbis appear.  Admission CZK 30,-


Einstein, Scott and Me or the Life à la Tel Aviv. The photographs taken during the eight-month study period at the university in Tel Aviv capture not only everyday life in the cosmopolitan Israeli city but also the spots connected with ancient history of this whole astonishing country which is full of contrasts and similarities, enthusiasm and worries, helplessness and resoluteness, joy and sadness. Everything has its own time and place here and to get into the secrets of this order requires courage, spirit and a great deal of patience. The shots documenting Israel through the eyes of a doctoral student of religious studies Kristýna Kuboňová will be possible to see for the whole month of March in the hall of the Department for Education and Culture of the Jewish Museum.  The exhibition is accessible on the days listed in the monthly programme and by a telephone appointment any time.

Admission free


For Saturday 14 March from 2 p.m. we have prepared for those who are interested another tour of the Brno synagogue Skořepka 13.The lecturer of the Jewish Museum in Prague Táňa Klementová will talk about Jewish liturgy and will take us through the synagogue. Admission CZK 30,-


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