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March 14

Sunday 9 March, 3 p.m.: The Memory of the Murdered from the Terezín Family Camp - concert. In September 1943 five thousand prisoners were deported from the Terezín ghetto to Auschwitz-Birkenau. These prisoners were given unusual “privileges” - they did not have to undergo the selection and the families were not separated into different sections of the camp – therefore the name family camp. In December 1943 and May 1944 other 12.500 prisoners arrived in several big transports from Terezín. They were also placed into the family camp. While the first transports consisted only of the prisoners who came to Terezín from the Czech lands, in the later transports about a half of the deported people came from Germany, Austria or the Netherlands. Exactly six months later the prisoners from the September transport were informed that they would be transported to the “labour camp of Heydebreck”. Instead of this fictive camp the transport with the prisoners headed towards gas chambers where they were murdered without any selection on the night from 8 to 9 March 1944. The rest of 6 – 7 thousand prisoners in the family camp lived in fears of the same fate. At the beginning of July 1944 their fears came true and they were murdered during two nights from 10 to 12 July. Out of 17.500 prisoners in the family camp only 1.294 survived. The liquidation of the family camp on the night of 8 to 9 March and on 10 to 12 July 1944 is the biggest single mass murder of Czechoslovak citizens during World War II.

The artists who will take part: Jakub Výborný – violin, Šárka Králová – piano, Zuzana Prudilová – introduction word. On the programme there are the compositions by Gideon Klein, George Gershwin, John Williams (the composer of the Schindler´s List music) and others. The concert takes place within the collaboration of the Culture and Education Centre of Rabbi Feder at the Jewish Community Brno. Admission CZK 50,-


Thursday 13 March, 6 p.m.: Truth and Lies. Filming in the Terezín Ghetto 1942-1945. The exhibition of the same name, which can be seen from August 2013 till the end of March 2014, will be presented by the curators of the exhibition Jana Šplíchalová and Eva Strusková. At the same time it will inform us about the latest results of the many years´ research carried out by the Holocaust historians and film historians from the Czech Republic and from abroad. The unique film fragments from 1942, which were hidden secretly by the prisoners in the ghetto, will be shown. The shots introduce the captors and instigators and also present the shooting where many prisoners became involuntary actors, extras and members of the film crew. Admission CZK 30,- 


Tuesday 18 March, 6 p.m.: The Displays of Anti-Semitism on the Czech Internet. Meeting with Věra Tydlitátová, Th.D. at the occasion of publishing her book of the same name. The author, the founder of the League against Anti-Semitism, uses her rich archive and presents probably the up until now most comprehensive soundings into thinking and activities of today´s Czech anti-Semitists. The book is neither a bare political study nor a survey of the history of political extremism. It is more a blood-chilling summary of the current Czech anti-Semitism within the environment of the Internet completed with commentaries and reflections on what it tells about the society the anti-Semitism comes from. The talk will be moderated by the publicist and writer Erika Bezdíčková who survived the shoah.  Admission CZK 30,-


Thursday 20March, 6 p.m.: Reports on Forgotten Neighbourhoods. Barbora Antonová and Michal Konečný will present their book and the travelling exhibition both of the same name. The book is not a scientific edition of the Holocaust of the Jews and Roma people in the former political district of Tišnov, its ambition is to make the sources accessible for further, particular non-professional researchers. The authors are aware of the fact that it is only a fraction of information. Every one who is interested can search within his neighbourhood for the details of lives of our former neighbours that still remain hidden in official and family archives...  Admission CZK 30,-


Sunday 23 March, 10:30 a.m.: Purim. Within the course of this workshop children together with their parents will celebrate the funniest Jewish feast – Feast of Lots, Purim. They will listen to the story of pretty Esther the Queen and evil vizier Haman and they will make their own masks. A workshop for parents and children over five. Admission CZK 30,-



Tuesday 25 March, 6 p.m.: Reading Becomes Everyone. Stano Slovák and Markéta Sedláčková, the actors of the Municipal Theatre Brno, will present another reading of books written by popular Jewish authors, this time Chaim Potok and Vlasta Schönová (Navy Shan). Admission CZK 30,-  


In March you can see in the Department´s hall the travelling exhibition called Forgotten Neighbourhoods. The exhibition makes accessible the information on the Holocaust of the Jews and Roma people in the former political district Tišnov. Besides the materials from archives it also presents photographs and other documents lent by the families and friends of today´s often forgotten neighbours. The exhibition is accessible on the days listed in the monthly programme or by a telephone appointment any time.   Free admission 


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