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Evening programmes

Education and Culture Centre - BRNO Office

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April 13

Thursday 4 April, 6 p.m.: Reading Becomes Everyone. Arnošt Goldflam will read from his last book Tata a jeho syn (Daddy and His Son), which was published by the publishing house Safe and will talk about his literary work. The programme is held in collaboration with the Jewish Community Brno. Admission CZK 30,-  


Tuesday 16 April, 5 p.m.: Artistic works from Students in Schools of South Moravian Region – the opening of the exhibition of children´s works with themes from the Holocaust, by request of the Education Department of the South Moravian Region. Věra Koupilová, the Regional Coordinator for Minorities, will guide us through the programme. We will also listen to the composition Ohlédnutí z dálky (Looking Back from a Distance,) which was composed from the poem of the same name written by Michal Flach. The young composer Anton Aslamas aims to represent, through music, the personal experience of a man recently liberated from a Nazi concentration camp and who is beginning to gradually realize his human dignity. The Gideon Klein Foundation in Prague supported the origination of this composition. The composition will be executed by Ondřej Bauer – reading, Alexej Aslamas – violin, Sára Žalčíková – piano. Admission free.                         


Thursday 18 April, 6 p.m.: Jan Grunt: New Music for Silent Russian Jewish Films. Jan Grunt (born in 1984) is a student of Musicology at Masaryk University Brno.  Use of electronic instruments, particularly oscillators and phasors, is typical of his composition. He also likes key instruments like the organ and cembalo, he also likes using percussion. He will present his work by screening two originally silent films for which he composed music. The first film Gore Sary (18 minutes, Russia, 1913, directed by Alexandr Arkatov) is a melodrama from Russian-assimilated Jewish society. The other film is called Kvartaly predmestya (52 minutes, USSR 1930, directed by Grigoriy Gritcher-Tchrikover) and it is about the cohabitation of a young Jewish woman (played by Nana Vatchnadze, a Soviet film star of those times) and a Ukrainian. This film pays attention to mutual national and religious stereotypes. Admission CZK 30,-


Sunday 21 April, 10:30 a.m.: What Was Life like in Biblical Times ... for Children. According to the Bible, children are an invaluable gift from God given to parents. Therefore we cannot omit them on our journey through ancient biblical times. We will talk about what family life during those times looked like, how children learned and how they played in their leisure time. Young visitors to the workshop can make their own simple table game. A workshop for parents and children over five. Admission CZK 30,-  


Monday 29 April, 6 p.m.: Doris Grozdaničová: I Herded Sheep Then ... – a meeting with an editor and interpreter from English and German. After the closing of schools in Jihlava, for a part of 1939 Doris Grozdaničová attended the Jewish general secondary school in Brno. In 1942 she and her brother and parents were deported in the first transports from Brno to Terezín. Under a seemingly idyllic title of the lecture which hides the hard life she faced in the concentration camp, we will hear her narration about the suffering of her close relatives.In the next part of the meeting Ms. Grozdanovičová will talk about the years that she has been working for the Terezín Initiative, which is how she is able to actively influence the education of young people in Europe. The programme is held in collaboration with Culture and Education Centre of Rabbi Feder. Admission CZK 30,-  


On Sunday 14 April from 2 p.m. A tour with a tutor from the Museum Kateřina Suchánková during which the participants will learn about the development of modern architecture in Brno. Stress will be put particularly on buildings built by Jewish builders and architects. Gather at the Měnínská brána. Admission CZK 30,-  


On Sunday 21 April from 2 p.m. A tour of the Jewish cemetery in Brno-Židenice, accompanied by explanations given by tutor from the Museum Táňa Klementová. The main topic will be Chevra Kadisha or burial society in Brno. Admission CZK 30,-  


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