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Evening programmes

Education and Culture Centre - BRNO Office

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May 13

Thursday 2 May, 6 p.m.: Rabbi Courts and Procedural Rules of Jewish. Religious law as well as secular law distinguishes itself by creating institutions which enable it to assert it – called courts. In the Jewish tradition their creation is mentioned in close conjunction with the giving of the Torah - that is with the very beginning of the existence of the Jewish religious system. You will learn more about the process of the origin and development of the structure of these courts in the final lecture of the series “Selected Topics from Jewish Private Law” by Brno rabbi Shlomo Kučera.                                                                                                     Admission CZK 30,-


Tuesday 7 May, 6 p.m.: Vedem - the Way of the Terezín´s Boys Still Goes On.  The opening of the exhibition which presents not only the life of the children from the Terezín ghetto but also the development of the self-rule of  Home No. 1 and particular sections of the magazine Vedem with the most interesting texts. The activities of today´s young people, who linked the work of the boys from Terezín with the project Terezín Torch (www.terezinskastafeta.cz), are part of the exhibition. At the opening the students from the General Secondary School Přírodní škola in Prague will tell you how the project was created. You will also listen to a narration about the life of their coevals in Terezín, to read texts and texts set to music, which were published in the Vedem. You can also sing together the songs that were sung in the ghetto seventy years ago.                                                                    Admission free


Sunday, 19 May, 10:30 a.m.: What Was Life like in Biblical Times ... for Traders. We invite you to a Sunday workshop whose theme will be about the mysterious world of ancient trades. You will learn how much oil was one bath or how much barley was one efi. The talks will be about caravans of camels, coins and measures of those times and about odorous goods, which were imported to Biblical Israel, all this is waiting for you. Also the making of small money boxes that might be useful for every trader whether a child or adult, will be a part of the programme. This workshop is for both parents and children over five years old.                                                         

Admission CZK 30,-


Tuesday 28 May, 6 p.m.: Franz Kafka and Film. A lecture by film critic, historian and publicist Martin Jiroušek offers the chance to learn about Kafka´s favourite films and the most remarkable adaptations of his work from feature films to animation. Franz Kafka used to go to the cinema which we know from his diaries and notices. What films was he addressed by? Why for example the melodrama Die weisse Sklavin (The White Slave) or the horror The Other One? And not only did Kafka go to the cinema but he himself became a film protagonist both in fact and also thanks to many adaptations of his famous novels and stories. You will be presented with the best ones during the lecture. The programme is held in collaboration with the Culture and Education Centre of Rabbi Feder at the Jewish Community Brno.  Admission CZK 30,-


Thursday 30 May, 6 p.m.: The Development of a Jewish Settlement in Moravia: Expulsion from Moravian Royal Towns. A lecture by Pavel Kocman will this time focus on the changing situation which the Czech lands went through at the end of the 14th and in the 15th century. This change touched the Jewish inhabitants living within our territory. Attention will be paid not only concerning the relationship of Moravian Jews towards the Hussites during the time of the Hussite Wars but also to the expulsion of the Jews from Moravian royal towns. This directly influenced their legal position and contributed to the changing of the settlement structure of towns and villages.


On Sunday 12 May, 2 p.m.  - you are cordially invited on a tour of the Brno synagogue, which will include a presentation of the importance of the Torah and its particular sections within the context of the Jewish religious rite. A lecturer from the Jewish Museum in Prague, Kristýna Kuboňová will take us through the synagogue.   Admission CZK 30,-


On Sunday 19 May, 2 p.m. - a lecturer from the Jewish Museum in Prague, Táňa Klementová will take us for a tour and the main topic will be the fate of the Brno Jewish community in the Protectorate Böhmen un Mähren . The tour will take us through the streets that somehow commemorate the war time victimization and deportation of Brno inhabitants of Jewish origin.  You will learn about places, whose connection with the Brno Jewish community was irretrievably torn apart by the Holocaust and which is therefore very often unknown by the public. The meeting point is at the basic school at 37 Merhautova street. Admission CZK 30,-



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