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January 2013

Wednesday 9 January, 6 p.m.: Israel before Elections. Where will today´s Israel go? What is the attitude of particular political streams towards items such as the future of the peace process after the UNO has voted to accept Palestine as a non-member observer state, the Iranian nuclear programme or the continuous building of settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem? How does Israel cope with the worsening social and economic situation and the increasing gap between the majority of society and the ultra-orthodox Israelis? How will the January elections influence the very unstable contemporary situation in the Middle East and what is the effect of current events within the region on the policy in Israel? Irena Kalhousová, a specialist on the political situation in the Middle East, will try to answer these questions and others in her lecture.

Wednesday 16 January, 6 p.m.: Yiddish IN THREE – but This Time in Four! A concert in which we will hear a medley of Yiddish songs interpreted by singers Hana Frejková and Marianna Borecká, Slávek Brabec (accordion) and Milan Potoček (clarinet). During the evening you will be reminded of old duets and be introduced to new ones. The song “Jidn mitn fidl” from the musical of the same name from 1936 belongs among them. Originally it was sung by Molly Picon and Simche Fostel. Its motto is: “Let us leave all our worries of an everyday life behind for a while, life is but a joke!”      Admission CZK 60,-

Monday 21 January, 6 p.m.: In the Footsteps of Moses. A travel lecture by Jan Neubauer who will follow the peregrination of the Israeli nation from ancient Egypt to the Mount Nebo where Moses´ life´s pilgrimage finishes.  During the lecture you will see many photos and pictures linked to the places described in connection with Moses in the books of the Bible and we will, for a while, find ourselves - thanks to image and word - in this profound immemorial story about the journey from slavery to freedom.

Tuesday 22 January, 6 p.m.: The Ousted Elite. A presentation of the book of the same name, which has just been published and was written by Petr Hlaváček and Dušan Radovanovič (Faculty of Arts at Charles University and Toga publishing house, 2012) describing the fates of the forgotten scholars from the German University in Prague. The book follows the exhibition of the same name which was held at the Faculty of Arts and then in the Department for Education and Culture. On the fates of personalities connected particularly with humanities at the Faculty of Arts at the German University in Prague the book presents the twists and falls of the 20th century, particularly the atrocious disrespect towards freedom and human dignity. Most of them were persecuted for their Jewish origin by the German national socialist regime, many of these scientists and academic workers perished, the others saved their lives in exile. The scientific work of these personalities will be remembered too as they were deliberately ousted from our cultural memory during the Communist regime. Petr Brod will discuss the book with both authors. The book will be available for purchase on the evening.

Thursday 24 January, 6 p.m.: They Survived so that They Could Narrate. In the days of intensive remembrance of the Holocaust victims Anna Markowitz, a daughter of a Jewish veteran, confronts her feelings with a living witness to the dramatic war events. A talk with war veteran Mikuláš Broder and Anna Markowitz, the author of the book Medaile za ztraceného Boha [Medal for a Lost God] (Motto, 2012). Actor Aleš Procházka will read extracts from the book. The book will be available to purchase on the evening.

 Monday 28 January, 6 p.m.: Jewish School Today – Yeshiva in Kiev – an opening of the exhibition of photographs taken by Jindřich Buxbaum who will be present at the opening. The photographs capture the world of traditional Jewish study in today´s Kiev. Before the war the population of this centre of Yiddish culture was about 224,000 people and there were a lot of yeshivas and cheders. Even now after the many blows of human cruelty that struck the Kiev Jews, Kiev still has an intensive Jewish life including a religious one, which is how Jindřich Buxbaum´s photographs present it.                      Admission free.

Wednesday 30 January, 6 p.m.: Feminism and Judaism. The first evening of a series of lectures and discussions focused on the topic of how Judaism deals with the phenomena of today´s modern society and generally with the topics which modernity brings. Helena Divecká and Terezie Dubinová, who will read a short introductory lecture, will discuss how feminism struck Judaism, what its impulses bring into contemporary Jewish thinking. Moderated by Pavel Kuča.

                                                                                                         Sunday programme for children and their parents

20 January, 2010, 2 p.m.: Lion Cub Arje aboard Noah´s Ark.


What did it look like aboard the Ark? How did Noah cope with so many animals all together? One of the immediate participants in this great navigation, lion cub Arje, will tell us all about it.

Tour: Old Jewish Cemetery

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