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October 2013

Monday, 7 October, 6 p.m.: With Daniel Herman on Jewish Roots and Reconciliation to the Past. The former spokesman of the Czech Bishop Conference and former head of the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes, Daniel Herman talks with publicist Milanem Šimáčkem over his relationship towards Jewish origin and the role it plays both in his personal life and his wider view of society.

Tuesday. 8 October, 6 p.m.: Naches Trio Concert. The concert of the Czech-German instrumental trioJeannine Jura (clarinet), Tereza Rejšková (violin) and Jonathan Jura (piano), which in its rhythmical and meditative melodies and improvisations is inspired by klezmer and Yiddish music from Eastern Europe.     

Thursday, 10 October, 6 p.m.: Jewish Architectural Utopianism in Diaspora. A lecture from the series on Jewish architecture in which Daniel Ziss will focus on Zionistic utopian architecture and urbanism of the new community forms as kvutza, kibbutzc or moshav. The lecture will also mention the personality of architect Richard Kaufmann and the impact of utopian architecture on Israel today.

Monday, 14 October 6 p.m.: Demographic Avant-Garde. The presentation of the book Demographic Avant-Garde: Jews in Bohemia between the Enlightenment and the Shoah (CEU Press, 2013). Its author,Jana Vobecká, will briefly present the demographic behaviour of the Jewish population in the Czech lands from the 18th century till the middle of the 20th century. She will outline how it differed from the population of Bohemia as a whole and how it was ahead of its time. Publicist Petr Brod will discuss this topic with the author. The programme is held within the collaboration with the Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic.

Tuesday, 15 October 10. 6 p.m.: Jerusalem – A City of Three Religions. The first of free travelling lectures by Jan Neubauer dedicated to the city where three monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam have been meeting in a unique way for almost fourteen centuries. The first lecture deals with the historically oldest one - Judaism and will be accompanied by rich pictorial material.

Wednesday, 16 October 10. 6 p.m.:  Judaism and the State of Israel.  The programme from the series of discussions on Judaism and modern society, which will concentrate on the question of how Judaism and Jewish Diaspora communities were influenced by the existence of the State of Israel. Our guests will be rabbi David Peter who for thirteen years studied at one of the flagship yeshivas of religious Zionism Merkaz ha-rav in Jerusalem and political scientist Marek Čejka who has been dealing with modern Israel for a long time. Moderated by the former chairman of the Czech Union of Jewish Youth Petr Mandl.

Thursday, 17 October 10. 6 p.m.:  This Cannot Happen Here. The opening of the art exhibition of the most interesting works of the 15th year of the competition organized by the Terezín Memorial for the year 2011. There will also be a showing of a short student film by Emir Kusturica Guernica from 1977 that processes the threatening danger to Jews in the late 1930s on the basis of the story linked with Picasso´s famous work.   

Tuesday, 22 October 10. 6 p.m.:  Lurianic Cabbala and Its Importance for Judaism. Rabbi Isaac Luria (1534-1572) was one of the most important Jewish mystics of all time and his legacy has played a key role in Jewish mysticism up until now. His philosophy of the cabbala is not simple. It is based on the idea that God limited himself to provide people with space. Josef Blaha, the author of several books on Jewish mysticism - the last one entitled Reflection on Jewish Mysticism (Příbram, 20132) – will give a lecture on the main topics of the Lurianic Cabbala.

Sunday programme for children and their parents

Sunday 13 October, 2 p.m.: Lion Cub Arje Meets the Characters of the Torah

We will narrate particular stories, for example: Why did forefather Abraham leave his country? How did the Jews get to Egypt? Who was the first king? Together we will make the particular characters and carry out a theatre performance.

Tour: Klausen Synagogue


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