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Evening programmes in the Education & Culture Centre


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December 2009

Tuesday 1 December, 6 p. m.: My Crazy Century. Writer Ivan Klíma will present his memoirs published this year by the Academia publishing house. The book will be sold for privileged price.

Wednesday 2 December, 6 p. m.: The Fundamentals of Judaism in the Interpretation of the Maharal of Prague. A series of lectures given by Karol Efraim Sidon, Chief Rabbi of Prague and the Czech Republic, dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the death of Rabbi Judah Liva ben Bezalel

Monday 7 December, 6 p. m.Mishpacha: Meeting before Chanukah. The concert of a well-known ensemble dealing with interpretation of Jewish folklore will be presented by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Koller and the children ensemble of Lauder Schools will take part as well. Admission 60 CZK

Wednesday 9 December, 6 p. m.: The Middle East Yesterday and Today. History, the present and context. Geography, culture and religion. The Middle East, Israel, Jerusalem: Chanukah – and It Is Not Jewish Christmas.A series of lectures by Ing. Jan Neubauer. 

Monday 14 December, 6 p. m.: Individuality and Struggle for Peace. Within the framework of the series of lectures Paths of Israeli Literature dealing with contemporary Israeli literary work translator Tereza Černá is introducing an important Israeli prose writer David Grossman. Táňa Fischerová reads parts from his work.

Tuesday 15 December, 6 p.m.: Religious Radicalism in Israel. A lecture by Marek Čejka, a lawyer and political scientist from the Institute of International Relations, from the series of lectures Religion and Politics in Israel.


Sunday programme for children and their parents

13 December 2009, 2 p. m.: Lion Cub Arje Celebrates the Chanukah (the Feast of Lights)

Why does the Chanukah lamp have eight arms? And why do they eat doughnuts and potato pancakes at Chanukah? Who are the Maccabees really? We will light the Chanukah lamp, play the dreidel, taste doughnuts and learn a Chanukah song.

Tour: The Spanish Synagogue                                                                                     Flat admission 50 CZK

You can learn more about the Sunday workshops on the website www.jewishmuseum.cz/vkc.


The individual programmes admission is 30 CZK if not mentioned otherwise. The lecture hall is always open to the public 20 minutes before starting a programme. After the beginning of a concert or 15 minutes after the beginning of other programmes entering the Education and Culture Centre is not allowed. The organizer retains the right to cancel the programme providing the number of visitors is lower than five.


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History of Jewish Sports in the Czechoslovak Republic

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