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February 2013

Tuesday 5 February, 6 p.m.: Practical Judaism. Presentation of the book by Rabbi Jisra´el Me´ir Lau, the former Chief Rabbi of the State of Israel published by the Publishing House P3K. The book deals with the practical aspects of the orthodox Jews´ life like kashrut, marriage, prayers, holidays etc. But it is not only a kind of a manual or survey of Halacha law, everything is completed by reasons and commentaries by the author. The book contains texts dealing with the specifics of Judaism and also responds to many common lay questions. Rabbi Lau´s book will be presented by its translator Jiří Blažek, and Jan Divecký and Gafna Váňová will discuss orthodox Judaism in everyday life.

Wednesday 6 February, 6 p.m.: Jewish2Jazz.  A concert by violinist Alexander Shonert and pianist Alexander Kristianov which will open up the wide world of Jewish and jazz compositions revealing the specifics of two musical styles. Flaming Klezmer rhythm, poetics of both traditional Jewish melodies and free and majestic improvisation, not only in jazz style, penetrate ancient Jewish musical culture.       Admission CZK 60,-

Tuesday 12 February, 6 p.m.: Contemporary Israeli Art Music – a View across Generations. A lecture by Israeli composer Ayal Adler in which he will introduce some important personalities of contemporary Israeli Art Music better known as modern classical music. He will also deal with the topic of specific Jewish features in the music of selected Israeli composers but also with the tendencies towards modern and abstract music language. Ayal Adler will present varied nature of Israeli Art Music given by the unique location of Israel and its role of a “melting pot” between Western and Eastern music. The lecture will be held in English without interpreting.      Admission CZK 30,-


Tuesday, 19 February, 6 p.m.:  The Way to Auschwitz Lined with Articles.  The Nazi policy in the occupied Czech area was full of arbitrary rules and terror. However the masters of the Third Reich disguised it with a jumble of legal regulations of varied levels like they did in Germany and in other occupied territories as well. The book Legal Injustice: The Jews in the Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia written by Helena Petrův systematically analyses how this was expressed in the case of persecution of the Jews. The author teaches at the Faculty of Law at Charles University in Prague and is an assistant at the Constitutional Court in Brno. In a discussion with her, Petr Brod will focus on the nature of anti-Semitic legislation, “aryanization” of Jewish property and the position of so-called Jewish half-breeds.

Wednesday 20 February, 6 p.m.: Good and Bad News on Purim from an Interreligious Perspective. The forthcoming feast of Purim contains a message which some contemporary Jewish thinkers have big problems with. Some of them perceive the story of the Book of Esther to be sexist and others to be violent. How can modern Jews cope with the message of this story? Can a modern Jew find meanings which relate to an interreligious dialogue in this feast? Debbie Weisman, the chairman of the International Council of Christians and Jews, will try to answer these questions. The lecture is organized in collaboration with the Society of Christians and Jews and will be held in English with a consecutive interpreting into Czech.

Tuesday 26 February, 6 p.m.: Human Rights and Judaism. How is the discussion about human rights reflected in current Judaism? What traditional texts is this discussion based on and which topics of Jewish law make problems for contemporary Jewish thinkers? Religionist Aleš Weiss and orthodox rabbi Menashe Kliment will try to answer these questions. The evening is moderated by Pavel Hošek.

Wednesday 27 February, 6 p.m.: From Anti-Judaism to Anti-Semitism...and back? A lecture by professor of history and political sciences at the American University of Paris Steven Endlung which will focus on the underestimated role of religious institutions and religiosity in general in the study of the anti-Semitism in 19th century. The lecture is held in collaboration with the Prague Centre for Jewish Studies and will be held in English with simultaneous interpreting into Czech.


Sunday programme for children and their parents

17 February, 2013, 2 p.m.: Lion Cub Arje on a Visit to Rabbi Löw. This time you and lion cub Arje will pay a visit to the great rabbi Löw with whom you will set off to find the secret of the creation of the golem. How is the golem created and what is the sacred shem? Come and you will see.

Tour: Old Jewish Cemetery

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