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March 2013

Monday 4 March, 6 p.m.: MONOTYPES The opening evening of the exhibition of graphic prints by Miloš Zeithammel. The artist used the technique of frontage to copy ornaments and texts from the tombstones of forgotten Jewish cemeteries in the Czech Republic and Poland. Then the copies were completed with colours or gilding. The opening will be enlivened by music association MOTOVIDLO with Roman Krása on vocals.

Wednesday 6 March, 6 p.m.: Janucz Korczak – Educator, Doctor, Writer. Although the name of Janucz Korczak is not known to everybody, the Warsaw-based Jewish doctor and writer was the creator of a pedagogical system which has inspired educators and teachers around the world. František Tichý, one of the founders of the general secondary school Pírodní škola (Natural School), which is inspired by Korczak´s pedagogical system, will give a presentation of his life and work. The students of the School will share their experience with Korczak´s method as well.

Thursday 7 March, 6 p.m.: Religious Pluralism and Judaism. A public debate from the series of discussions on Judaism and modern society. This time we will focus on religious pluralism. Our guests will be Pavel Hošek from the Protestant Theological faculty at Charles University, who has been studying religious pluralism for a long time, and rabbi Daniel Mayer who will read a short introductory lecture on Jewish pluralism in Israel. Moderated by Gafna Váová.

Wednesday 13 March, 6 p.m.: Einsatzgruppe H in Slovakia 1944/1945. A presentation of the book by Lenka Šindeláová that has been just published by the German publishing house Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft in Darmstadt. The book – a slightly modified version of the author´s doctoral thesis defended at Stuttgard´s university in 2012 – looks at the special German unit which was created after the outbreak of the Slovak National Uprising to conclude the “final solution to Jewish question” in the territory of Slovakia. The author describes the activities of this unit, analyses the people it was composed of and also looks into the post-war criminal prosecution of its members.

Thursday 14 March, 7 p.m.: Ulpan Presents ... The topic of the lecture held by Ulpan Praha is the life and work of the famous Israeli writer A.B. Yehoshua. Three of  Yehoshua´s novels have been translated into Czech: The Lover, Mr. Mani and Five Seasons (Molcho). The guest of the evening is Magdalena Kíová, a graduate of Hebrew Studies and Old Greek at the Faculty of Arts Charles University and the sole translator. We notify that the lecture begins at 7 p.m.       Admission free

Wednesday 20 March, 6 p.m.: Pesach – a Birth of the People of Israel. A lecture by Karol Efraim Sidon, Chief Rabbi of Prague and the Czech Republic. Sidon will talk about various events and personalities connected with the story of the exodus from Egypt, focusing on the roles of Aaron and Moses as well as the connection between the sacrifice of Isaac and the sacrifice of the Passover lamb.

Thursday 21 March, 6 p.m.: Pilgrimage to Mecca. Mecca and the sanctuary Ka´ab are among the most sacred places of Islamic faith. Hajj or the pilgrimage to Mecca is one of the five pillars of Islam and every Muslim should embark on this journey at least once in his or her lifetime. As it is forbidden for those who do not believe in Allah, you can - through rich pictorial material - experience it with Jan Neubauer.

Thursday 28 March, 6 p.m.: Mishpacha. A Pesach concert by the well-known band which has been performing traditional Jewish music and singing for more than forty years. Mishpacha originated in an atmosphere of family intimacy and it has retained this quality until now. As a family gathering is the authentic environment for most Pesach songs, this concert is an outstanding opportunity to listen to them in the way as they are sung throughout the world.      Admission CZK 60,-


Sunday programme for children and their parents

14 March, 2010, 2 p.m.: Lion Cub Arje and Queen Esther

Evil Haman, vizier of Persian king Ahasuerus wants to kill all the Jews. Will Esther the Queen succeed in preventing it? You will all come wearing masks then we will have a dance, learn a song of Purim and try the traditional turnovers “Haman´s ears”.

Tour: Spanish Synagogue

More on Sunday´s workshops on www.jewishmuseum.cz         Flat admission CZK 50,-


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