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April 2013

Wednesday 3 April, 6 p.m.: Judaism and Democracy. A programme from the series of discussions this time on the relationship between Judaism and democracy. Our guests will be Rabbi Karol Efraim Sidon and journalist and political scientist Jan Fingerland who will give a short introductory lecture. Moderated by Pavel Kuča, an editor of the Jewish monthly Maskil.

Monday 8 April, 6 p.m.: Yom ha-Shoa – The 70th Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.  A lecture by Lior Inbar, an Israeli historian and tutor of the Ghetto Fighter´s House Museum (Beit Lohamei Haghetaot), on the Warsaw ghetto uprising and its reflection in contemporary Israeli society. The lecture is organized in collaboration with the Institute of Terezín Initiative and will be held in Hebrew with a consecutive interpreting into Czech.

Wednesday 10 April, 6 p.m.: Mosaic. An opening of the exhibition of works from the students of elementary Lauder school in Prague, which originated within the project Mosaic supervised by Gabriela Bimková. The project is focused on the development of artistic expression, aesthetic feeling and active learning within the wide range of artistic and craft techniques.

Thursday 11 April, 6 p.m.: Karl Koller. A lecture by Olga Gimunová, from the Czech Society for Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine, focused on Sušice native Karl Koller (1874 – 1944), an ophthalmologist and the inventor of local anaesthesia. Koller spent most of his life in Vienna before he was forced to leave after he challenged his colleague to an illegal duel when his colleague called him “an impudent Jew”. He continued his ophthalmological practise in New York and was nominated five times for a Nobel Prize for his scientific contributions.

Wednesday 17 April, 6 p.m.: Masada on Mount Carmel. A lecture from the series on Israeli architecture in which Daniel Ziss will tell us about the work of architect Jochanan Ratner and his plan from 1941 on how to save the Jewish nation, which will also lead us apart from other things to a German and Arabic section of the Palmach.

Monday 22 April, 6 p.m.: London Is Calling, Munich Is Responding,  the title of Zuzana Fried-Preissová´s autobiography could also be on the cover of the book which is just being published as the subtitle of the book is  Memories of a Czechoslovak Editor of BBC and Radio Free Europe. The author is a Žilina native who studied Hispanic and English studies in Prague. In the mid-1960s she emigrated to Great Britain and became an editor of the Czechoslovak section of BBC, and later spent several years in Canada. From 1978 – 1981, she worked for the BBC again and after her switch to Radio Free Europe, she worked in the central editorial office in Munich and London. In addition to her work for the radio station, she was interested in poetry writing and was an advisor to international organizations focused on Eastern Europe. She will have a discussion with her former colleague Petr Brod about some of her places of work and her eventful life.

Thursday 24 April, 6 p.m.: Duo Brikcius. A concert given by a violoncello duo formed by a sister and brother, Anna Brikciusová and František Brikcius. We will listen to the concert by Flemish composer Joseph Hector Fiocco (1703 – 1741) and French violoncellist Paul Bazelair (1886 -1958) for two violoncellos, the Sonata by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 -1791) and the Suite for Two Violoncellos by Prague Jewish composer and violoncellist David Popper (1843 -1913) whose 170 anniversary of birth we commemorate this year.

Tuesday 30 April, 7 p.m.: Ulpan Presents ... The guest of the evening organized by Ulpan Praha will be Israeli lecturer in Czech studies, translator and specialist in Karel Čapek´s work Peer Friedman who will share with us the problems of translating from Czech into Hebrew. After completion of his studies of literature at the Tel Aviv University Peer Friedmann worked in Israel as a literary critic for the newspaper Ma´ariv and the magazine Time Out.  His notable translations include the two novels by Jáchym Topol - Kloktat dehet and Chladnou zemí and Karel Čapek´s Kritika slov.                                                   

Sunday programme for children and their parents

Sunday 14 April, 2013, 2 p.m.: Lion Cub Arje and the Ten Plagues of Egypt. What ten plagues hit Egypt? Will Moshe succeed in saving all the Jews from Egyptian slavery? Will Moshe pass through the sea dry-shod? What will he finally get as a reward? And what will we get? You will learn about all this and much more in our Pesah workshop.

Tour: Maisel´s Synagogue

More about Sunday´s workshops on www.jewishmuseum.cz                Flat admission CZK 50,-

Exhibition in the Department: Miloš Zeithammel: MONOTYPES. Till 4 April 2013. From 11 April Mosaic: Exhibition of the works from the students of the Lauder School.

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