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May 2013

Monday, 6 May, 6 p.m.: Songs without Words. A concert by pianist Aneta Majerová and guitarist David Dorůžka during which we will listen to the works for a solo piano of Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, the solo guitar on the theme of traditional Jewish songs but also to an adaptation for the piano and guitar in pieces by Kurt Weill or Isaac Albéniz. Admission CZK 60,-

Monday, 13 May, 6 p.m.: Becoming Austrians: Jews, Anti-Semitism, and Culture between the World Wars. A lecture by Professor Lisa Silverman from the Univesrity of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the author of a recently published book of the same title (Oxford University Press, 2012). By examining formative events in both Vienna and the provinces between the World Wars, this talk explores how the importance of marking people, places, and events as “Jewish” intensified along with the crises occurring in the wake of Austria-Hungary’s collapse, leaving profound effects on Austria’s cultural legacy. The lecture is co-organized by New York University in Prague.   Admission free

Monday, 20 May, 6 p.m.: Israel after 65 years. Every anniversary calls upon assessing successes and setbacks of the past years. H.E. Yaakov Levy, the ambassador of the State of Israel to the Czech Republic, Irena Kalhousová, the main analyst of the Prague Security Studies Institute, and Jan Zouplna from the Oriental Institute, who focuses on the history of modern Israel for many years, accepted our invitation for the discussion, which takes place on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the State of Israel. The programme is organized in collaboration with the Embassy of the State of Israel to the Czech Republic and will be held in Czech and English with simultaneous interpretation.      Admission free

Tuesday 21 May, 6 p.m.: A Stranger Looks for His Position in the World. Hronov native Egon Hostovský (1908 – 1973) belonged to the greatest personalities of the Czech literature of the 20th century. In 1931 – 1937 he participated in editing the Czech-Jewish Calendar. His writing was influenced apart from other things by his double emigration - escape from the Nazism and from the Communism. Vladimír Papoušek, a lecturer in Czech literature, presents in his book Psalms from Petfield (Akropolis, 2012) a coherent outline of the work of this prose writer, journalist and diplomat who had to cope with many problems typical of the authors torn from their natural language environment. Petr Brod will talk to the author of the new monograph and with Hostovský´s daughter Olga Hostovská-Castiellová, who is a literary historian and translator, about the fates of the writer who lived in the United States from 1950. The book will be available for purchase during the evening programme.

Thursday 23 May, 6 p.m.: Christian Hebraism: an improbable early modern success story. A lecture by prof. Stephen Burnett, a leading scholar of Christian Hebraism. The birth and growth of Christian Hebraism in the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries is a remarkable story. In the year 1500 only a very tiny number of Christian scholars could read Hebrew, but within a century the numbers had grown to the point that major non-Jewish presses produced Hebrew grammars, dictionaries, and Hebrew Bibles intended for Christian readers. These books fed the intellectual appetites of hundreds of professors of Hebrew and their students learning the language in European universities. Christian Hebraists, scholars and students, would ultimately create a Christian academic culture of Hebrew learning based in universities that was largely independent of Jews and Judaism. The lecture will start the accompanying activities on the occasion of the international conference David Gans (1541 – 1613) Four Centuries after: Legacy of an Early Modern Jewish Historian and Scientist organized by the Prague Centre for Jewish Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University on 27th – 29th May 2013. The lecture will be held in English. Admission free

Monday, 27 May, 6 p.m.: Templar Architecture in Israel. From the series of lectures on Israeli architecture in which Daniel Ziss will introduce us to the story of the German Knights Templar in Palestine of the 19th and 20th centuries and their little known architectural language.

Wednesday, 29 May, 6 p.m.: Ulpan Presents... The guest of the evening organized by Ulpan Praha will be an Israeli artist and at the same time the chef of one of the most famous vegetarian restaurants in Prague Noam Darom. We will talk of specialities of the Israeli cuisine, its specific food and a small tasting will not go a miss as well. Admission free

Thursday 30 May, 6 p.m.: Judaism and Bioethics. A programme of the series of talks on Judaism and modern society which will focus on the questions connected with medical ethics such as euthanasia, abortion, artificial insemination etc. Rabbi David Peter and the head of the Department of Ethics at the Third Faculty of Medicine, Charles University Marek Orko Vácha, who will read a short introductory lecture, will discuss the Jewish religious law and ethical questions of modern medicine. Moderated by psychiatrist and psychotherapist Silvia Nürnberg.

Sunday programme for children and their parents

12 May, 2 p.m..: Lion Cub Arje and the Ten Commandments

Have you heard about the Ten Commandments and do you know why it is so important? If you also want to know what the meaning of the word “Shavuot” is and what important thing happened during this Jewish feast, come along to our workshop where you will learn about all of this and where you may also make something by and for yourself.

Tour: The Klaus Synagogue Flat admission CZK 50,-

You can learn more about the Sunday workshops on the website www.jewishmuseum.cz

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