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May 2014

Wednesday, 7 May, 6 p.m.: The De-legitimacy of the State of Israel. Appeals for the elimination of the Jewish state come not only from extremely right-wing organizations but also extremely left-wing or Islamic organizations. Besides the presentation of basic terminology and features of the main participants in the de-legitimacy and demonization of Israel Ján Kapusňak, a graduate from the Department of Political Science at the Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University in Brno, will also discuss various strategies and displays of this phenomenon. At the end he will introduce how it might be possible to face this phenomenon.

Monday, 12 May, 6 p.m.: Where Was God...? Years ago journalist Jan Jelínek gathered  evidence from the men and women who survived torments of Terezín, Auschwitz and other concentration camps for Steven Speilberg´s foundation. A big part of this project is now presented in the book titled Where was God ... ? (Barrister & Principal). Mostly these people are not famous personalities but there are mentions of people like Miloš Kopecký, Arnošt Lustig or Milan Uhde. Vladimír Železný together with the author will present the book. A representative from the publishing house Barrister & Principal will be present as well. Actress Vida Neuwirthová will read extras from the book and jazz musician Pavel Smetáček and friends will accompany her.     Admission free

Wednesday 14May, 6 p.m.: History of Hasidism: New Trends. A lecture by Marcin Wodziński from the University of Wroclaw will focus on the drawbacks of the current research of Hasidism. After the introduction, an analysis of the research problems and suggestions on the solutions that are connected with the questioning of the most fundamental characteristics of this movement will be presented. Such questions aim towards a new definition of Hasidism. Martin Wodziński will focus on the demographic and geographic extension of the movement, its economic aspects, parameters of its propagation, the function of Tzadik etc. The lecture is held within the seminar on modern Jewish history whose guarantor is the Jewish Museum in Prague and the Institute for Contemporary History of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and will be held in English.     Admission free

Tuesday 20 May, 7 p.m.: Enjoy the Music – Die Pianistin Edith Kraus.  The presentation of the documentary of the same name (99 min) made by Wilhelm Rösing and Marita Barthel- Rösing about pianist Edith Kraus who recently died. Edith Kraus (1913 – 2013) was born in Vienna, grew up in Karlovy Vary, studied in Berlin and later was a piano teacher in Prague from where she was deported to Terezín. After the war she emigrated for Israel and it took long 40 years before she started to deepen her contacts with Germans again. The fruit of these new friendships is the documentary made by Wilhelm Rösing and Marita Barthel- Rösing where Edith Kraus´ memories blend with interviews with her students from Germany, Israel and Canada, and also with her friends from war time, particularly with Alice Sommer-Herz who died at the age of 110 in February 2014. Both documentary makers will be present at the screening, which will be held in German with English subtitles.     Admission free

Wednesday 21 May, 6 p.m.: They Made a Slip of the Pen - and So I am Here: Dagmar Lieblová´s Story. A presentation of the recently published book of memories of Dagmar Lieblová, a translator and long-term chairwoman of the Terezín Initiative. The book was written on the basis of her memories by Marek Lauermann. The book reflects her happy childhood in a Jewish middle class family, as the daughter of a doctor but also brings witness on the terrors of the Holocaust. The reader also has a look at her life after the war. The book is published as homage to her important life anniversary. Dagmar Lieblová´s guests will be Věra Dvořáková and Adéla Hořejší, the descendants of her friends from the pre-war Jewish community in Kutná Hora. Moderated by Zoja Franklová.     Admission free

Monday 26 May, 6 p.m.: Scholars in the Times of Terror.  As for the terror of the Nazis in the Czech lands we often remember the artists who carried on in their creative activities within the conditions of the Terezín ghetto. We know even less about the scientists who were destroyed by the machinery of the Third Reich as well. The biography dictionary written in English and entitled Disappeared Science (Pavel Mervart, 2014) deals with the fates of almost fifty scientists. It was published by the Centre Department for the History of Sciences History of the Institute for Contemporary History of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. Journalist Petr Brod will think together with the editors of the book Antonín Kostlán and Michal V. Šimůnek about the irretrievable losses of various scientific disciplines that were caused by the Nazi occupation of our country.

Thursday 29 May, 6 p.m.: “We Are Jews and Anything Jewish Must Not Remain Strange to Us”. TheWeekly Selbstwehr in the First Years of Its Existence. A lecture by Olga Zitová, a doctoral student at the Institute of Germanic Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University will present the important Jewish weekly written in German Selbstwehr, which was published 1907 – 1938 in Prague. It will concentrate particularly on the forming of the weekly programme and content in the first years of its existence.

Exhibition in the department´s premises: Within the Stream of a Dialogue.  Till 22 May, 2014.

Sunday programme for children and their parents

Sunday 11 May, 2 p.m.: Lion Cub Arje Invites You to a Wedding Will you help him to choose a bride and write down the ketubah – a wedding agreement? We will dance and sing together and taste something good from the wedding reception.

Tour: Prague Jewish Town 

                                                                                                                     Admission 50 CZK

The individual programmes admission is 30 CZK if not mentioned otherwise. The lecture hall is always open to the public 20 minutes before starting a programme. After the beginning of a concert or 15 minutes after the beginning of other programmes entering the Education and Culture Centre is not allowed.

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