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June 2011

If not otherwise stated, the programs are in Czech.

Wednesday 1 June, 6 p.m.: The Round Up. On 6 June 1942 the French government instituted a new regulation aimed against the Jewish population. Eleven-year-old Joseph Weisman henceforth goes to school with a yellow badge on his chest. However the Weisman’s are still convinced that there are reasons for joy. But only up until the dawn of 16 July 1942 when men in black uniforms burst into their flat, wake up the whole family and force them into a bus... In what was the biggest round up in the history of mankind, under the command of French police, 13,000 Jews are kept at Paris' Velodrome d'Hiver sports stadium and spend five days without water, food and medical care. Dr. Shiebaum (Jean Reno) interned with others does his best. The intensity of racism spread by France´s Vichy government impacts all deeply, including a nurse of the Red Cross Anette Monod (Melanie Laurent). All the characters and events in this film are true. Drama. France/ Germany/ Hungary, 2010, 115 minutes, Czech version. Directed by: Roselyne Bosch. Cast: Jean Reno, Mélanie Laurent, Gad Elmaleh and others.   

Saturday 11 June, 10:30 p.m. - 1 a.m.: Within the framework of the Prague Museum Night the Jewish Museum in Prague will allow visitors to see permanent expositions of Jewish traditions and customs in the Klaus Synagogue and in the Ceremonial Hall where qualified guides will be available for the entire night.. There is an accompanying programme for children in the Klaus Synagogue: Find the answers for lion cub Arje. Arje has placed several tricky questions throughout the synagogue. But an attentive visitor to the synagogue will easily find the answers. Arje will give an award to those who find all the answers.

Thursday 16 June, 6 p.m.: The Treasury of Jewish Songs. Jewish songs live with us, address us and touch our hearts. At the concert of this brother and sister duo Ester you will hear traditional Jewish songs in Hebrew and in the languages of Ladino and Yiddish. We invite you to listen and if you would like, you can join in the singing of some of them. The programme is accompanied by an introduction of the text’s translation. ESTER - Kateřina Hajdovská-Tlustá and Alexandr Hajdovský.     Admission 60 CZK

Monday 20 June, 6 p.m.: Shoah Memorial Music. Laurence Sherr, Composer-in-Residence and Associate Professor of Music at Kennesaw State University in Atlanta, USA, examines influences resulting in Shoah memorial music. The lecture will explain the inspiration of music commemorating the Shoah through images, text, and audio/video examples from Sherr´s Shoah memorial and Judaic-influenced compositions. The poetry of Shoah survivor and Nobel laureate Nelly Sachs will be considered, as two of these works are based on her poems. Sherr will recount how he began using music to commemorate and educate only after connecting with his family history: his German mother was the sole Shoah survivor in her family, and his Polish father emigrated in the early part of the Shoah. The lecture will include a live performance of his composition Elegy and Vision by the noted Czech cellist Petr Nouzovský. The lecture will be held in English and Czech with interpretation.

Tuesday 21 June, 6 p.m.: Hanuš Hachenburg - A Non-silenced Call. In 1943, at that time a fourteen-year-old prisoner in the Terezín ghetto, Hanuš Hachenburg wrote a very original puppet theatre play “We are looking for a spectre”. This open-ended piece, full of absurd humour and interesting reflections on a totalitarian society was never performed during war time. Shortly after its finishing, Hanuš was deported to the family camp in Auschwitz-Birkenau where several months later he was killed in a gas chamber. Within the framework of the evening you can not only see the performance of this play performed by students and teachers of the Prague general secondary school Přírodní škola (Natural School) but also learn about the boys´ self-government at the Terezín home No 1, about the magazine VEDEM and also to listen to Hanuš´s extraordinarily profound poetry that was published in a poetic collection called White Colour of Small Clouds just besides only several months ago. The book will be available to purchase.

Wednesday 22 June, 6 p.m.: The Holiday of Shavuot. A lecture by Karol E. Sidon, Chief Rabbi of Prague and the Czech Republic.

Thursday 23 June, 6 p.m.: The Life and Work of Samuel Steinherz. Historian Samuel Steinherz was born in Güssig, Austria. Later he studied history in Graz and in Vienna where he, in a strongly anti-Semitic environment of a conservative German nationalistic intelligence, became certified to teach Austrian and general history. Steinherz, who remained faithful to the Jewish belief, devoted all his effort to building the scientific career of a historian. In 1901, he was appointed to the Department of History at Charles-Ferdinand University in Prague. According to the rule of succession, he was to become a rector in 1922/23. In the times of the Monarchy, the solution of such a delicate matter was that the rector, if of a Jewish origin, voluntarily resigned. Steinherz, however, resisted this demeaning tradition and did not resign even under pressure. He became the first Jewish rector at a German speaking university. On 6 July 1942 Steinherz and his wife were dragged to the concentration camp in the Terezín Ghetto. Even on his 85th birthday he - almost blind - gave a lecture on the history of the Jews in Bohemia. A lecture by Austrian historian Gerhard Oberkofler is held in collaboration with the Society for the History of the Jews in the Czech Republic within the series of lectures of the Samuel-Steinherz-Stiftung Foundation in Nürnberg. The lecture will be held in German and Czech with interpretation.

Sunday programme for children and their parents

13 June, 2010, 2 p.m.: Lion Cub Arje learns about the stories from the Torah

Together with Lion Cub Arje, we will meet the characters of the Torah (Abram, Isaac, Jacob, David and others). We will learn about particular stories and learn the answers to questions like: Why Patriarch Abram left his country? How did the Jews get into Egypt? Who was the first king? Together we will create the characters and perform a play about the stories we’ve learned.

Tour: Prague Jewish Town     Admission 50 CZK

The individual programmes admission is 30 CZK if not mentioned otherwise. Please check on www.jewishmuseum.cz/vkc/en. The lecture hall is always open to the public 20 minutes before starting a programme. After the beginning of a concert or 15 minutes after the beginning of other programmes entering the Education and Culture Centre is not allowed.

The exhibition in the Centre premises (Exhibition is open to the public Mon–Thurs 10 a.m.–3 p.m., Fri 10 a.m.–12 p.m., during the evening programmes and with a reservation)

Michal Vaněk: The Forgotten Jews of Azerbaijan until June 30.


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