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June 2013

Monday 3 June, 6 p.m.: Choosing to Leave: Jewish Flight from the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia as Resistance to Nazi Persecution. Before the Nazi´s prohibition of emigration in 1941, about 26 thousand Jews managed to escape. Though the Nazis at the beginning supported the Jewish emigration, in fact the potential emigrants faced big difficulties including blackmail emigration taxes, anti-immigration policy abroad and high personal and financial losses. Laura Brade from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will talk about the ways the Jews tried to face Nazi persecution. The lecture will be held in English.    


Tuesday4 June, 6 p.m.: Left-wing Anti-Semitism. In western democracies the left-wing was traditionally an important ally for the Jews. Till the half of the 1960s we would hardly meet anti-Semitism on the left-wing. With the arrival of the so-called “New Left” the situation changed and within the context of anti-Zionist attitudes a specific phenomenon of the left-wing anti-Semitism appears. A lecture by professor Tomáš Radil will focus on the social-psychological analysis of this important feature of current anti-Semitism. 

Thursday 6 June, 6 p.m.: David Gans after the “Gansian” Conference. The evening dedicated to summing up the information from the three-day international conference on Renaissance Jewish historian and scientist David Gans organized by the Prague Centre for Jewish Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University. Hebraists Jiřina Šedinová, Pavel Sládek and Daniel Bouška will take part.       Admission free.

Monday 10 June, 6 p.m.: Nigun. A concert by the well-known group Nigun during which you will hear a series of Hebrew, Sephardic and Yiddish songs in interpretation by Věra Nerušilová – vocal, Natalie Shonert – piano and Alexander Shonert violin.      Admission 60,- CZK

Tuesday 11 June, 6 p.m.: Architectional Messianism. A series of lectures by architect Daniel Ziss. This time he will speak on the unique perception of space of the Hasidic movement CHABAD that differs from the traditional concept of Jewish space in many aspects. The lecture will, apart from other things, lead us on the address of a new-time “Temple” of this movement on Brooklyn´s 770 Easter Parkway or to the first Hebrew printing work in Antarctica.

Thursday 13 June, 6 p.m.: Arch of Memory. The presentation of the book of the same name written by Magda Veselská. It is dedicated to the history of the Jewish Museum in Prague. The book covering the more than one hundred years old history of this extraordinary museum institution simultaneously reflects the dramatic fates of Czech and Moravian Jews in the last century. About them as well as about the book Magda Veselká will talk with the documentary maker Martin Šmok, historian Jaroslava Milotová and journalist Petr Brod who will moderate the entire evening.

Monday 17 June, 6 p.m.: Judaism and Ecology. A programme from the series on Judaism, which meets the themes of a modern society. Věra Hroudová, a botanist, and Kateřina Weberová from the community Bejt Simcha will discuss the values of Judaism and environmental thinking. Moderated by Pavel Kuča, the editor of the Jewish monthly Maskil.

Tuesday 18 June, 6 p.m.: Lady of a Moon Tower. A screening of a documentary about Alena Veselovská, born Šámalová. Her father Přemysl Šámal, who used to be the chancellor of the two first Czechoslovak presidents, had to go through many Nazi jails and finally he tortured to death in Berlin jail Moabit in 1941. His daughter and son were saved thanks to a “re-education” in a very decent family of a German doctor. After the war the fate, however, brought her back to Germany and she could only return to her family estate farm Gerlov after 1989. There Jiří Lohr and Jan Petras made their documentary three months before her death. After the screening a talk with both artists and their guests will be held.    

Wednesday 26 June, 7 p.m.: Ulpan Presents ...  A second meeting with Israeli artist Noam Darom organized by Ulpan Prague whose topic this time will be visual arts in Israel.

Sunday programme for children and their parents

Sunday 9 June, 2 p.m.: Lion Cub Arje Gets to Know a Synagogue. Together with Arje we will learn what the differences between the Jewish Temple and a synagogue are, what the word synagogue means, what it looks like and what its purpose is. We will make a model of our own synagogue.

Tour: Jerusalem Synagogue

More about Sunday workshops on www.jewishmuseum.cz    




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