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September 2009

Wednesday 2 September, 6 p.m.: Täterdiskurs in Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft. Nach Jahrzehnten der Verdrängung, selektiven Wahrnehmung und Selbstviktimisierung fragt man nun endlich nach Mentalität und Motiven der Akteure der Vernichtung. The Nazi Criminals within German Discourse. After long years of ousting, selective perception and self-stylization into the role of a victim processing of the theme of mentalities and motives of the participants of mass extermination has been recently carried out. A lecture by Klaus-Michael Mallmann, a professor of modern history at the University of Stuttgart. In German with interpretation into Czech available.  

Tuesday 15 September, 6 p.m.: In Prague and out of Prague: Spots Connected with Life and Work of Prague Writers from the point of view of Judita Matyášová and Jan Jindra, authors of the book “On Travels with Franz Kafka” (published by the Academia publishing house), and Dan Hrubý, author of “Peregrinations throughout the Prague Circle” (published by the XYZ publishing house). Moderated by Petr Brod. Both books will be sold for privileged price. 

Wednesday 16 September, 6 p.m.: The Fundamentals of Judaism in the Interpretation of the Maharal of Prague. A series of lectures given by Karol Efraim Sidon, Chief Rabbi of Prague and the Czech Republic, dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the death of Rabbi Judah Liva ben Bezalel. 

 Thursday 17 September, 6 p.m.: The opening day of the exhibition of Libor Cabák called The Disappeared Trace of Jewish Sites. The photographs of Jewish cemeteries, quarters and synagogues bring the reflections of time in which the past mats with the present, and at the same time it displays the end and beginning of the action which has been changing all the time. Accompanied by the Altera Pars quartet.                                                                            Admission free

 Monday 21 September, 6 p.m.: The Jewish Society in Prague at the Time of Maharal. A lecture given by Lena Arava-Novotná, ThD, from the Institute of Jewish Studies of the Hussite Theological Faculty at Charles University, from the new series of lectures Maharal and His Times, which will be held as an accompanying event to the exhibition The Path of Life organised by the Jewish Museum in Prague in collaboration with the Prague Castle Administration.

 Wednesday 23 September, 6 p.m.: The Middle East Yesterday and Today. History, the present and context. Geography, culture and religion. Arabian Peninsula, Yemen: Betel and Khat – Drugs or a Lifestyle? A series of lectures by Ing Jan Neubauer.

 Tuesday 29 September, 6 p.m.: Religion, Judaism and Democracy. An introduction lecture by Marek Čejka, a lawyer and political scientist, from the new series of lectures Religion and Politics in Israel.

 Wednesday 30 September, 6 p.m.: From Diaspora to the Land of Israel. An introduction lecture by dr Jiřina Šedinová, an eminent Czech Hebraist and translator, from the new series of lectures Ways of Israeli Literature dealing with contemporary Israeli literary work.


Sunday programme for children and their parents

13 September 2009, 2 p.m.: Lion Cub Arje Goes to School

The new school year has begun and Lion cub Arje learns writing. He writes Hebraic letters with a goose quill. Arje´s teacher will give you an exercise book and quill and she will teach you how to make your signature in Hebrew and to write a short sentence as well. What more, you will learn if Hebraic numerals differ from letters. Tour: The Old Jewish Cemetery                                                              Flat admission 50 CZK

You can learn more about the Sunday workshops on the website www.jewishmuseum.cz/vkc

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