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September 2011

Monday, 12 September, 6 p.m.: Red Ribbon or the Ghetto of Terezín through the Eyes of a Child. A talk with Tomáš Kraus, the secretary of the Federation of Jewish Communities, and Annika Tetzner, an internationally recognized Israeli author, on the occasion of the publishing of her new book entitled Red Ribbon. The book is a collection of three stories in which the author mediates her own experience of a small child in the ghetto of Terezín. The stories seen through the eyes of a small child and narrated in childlike language are particularly for younger readers, however the impressive text addresses adults as well. The stories are built on images – both verbal and graphic. The experiences of closeness, joy and small victories are placed besides the images of hunger, fear and sadness. Annika Tetzner was the only one from a large family to survive the war and she has never stopped searching for her distant relatives and their descendants. She has written several books about the experience of her early childhood which are accompanied by her own illustrations entitled Bloodflowers, Lullabies for Annika. The discussion will be held in English with translation into Czech. The programme was prepared in collaboration with Portál publishing house. The book Red Ribbon will be available for purchase. 

Tuesday 13 September, 6 p.m.: Life as a Mission for Those Who Did Not Come Back. An evening of remembrance of Erich Kulka (1911 – 1995) on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birthday. Erich Kulka was a Czech-Israeli writer, historian and journalist. Due to his anti-Nazi activities during the World War II he was arrested and sent to the Brno prison of the Gestapo at Špilberk and to the concentration camps of Dachau, Neuengamme and Auschwitz. In January 1945, Erich and his 12 year-old son succeeded in escaping. In 1968 E. Kulka emigrated for Israel where he dealt with his research work, particularly the history of the Holocaust. Otto Dov Kulka, E. Kulka´s son, who has been living in Israel since 1949, became a professor of history at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. During the evening, the extended issue of the bilingual Czech-Hebrew book on E. Kulka will be presented. This book was published by both the Jewish Museum in Prague and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Otto Dov Kulka will moderate the course of the evening, with an introduction by Michal Frankl, the deputy director of the Jewish Museum in Prague. The new issue of E. Kulka´s historic book An Escape from the Deathcamp. Auschwitz 1944 will be available for purchase during the evening.     Admission free

Thursday 15 September, 6 p.m.: At Home at Last. The opening of the exhibition of Peter Horák, an artist of Slovak origin, who has spent more than 40 years living in Australia. Horák, in his pictures, returns to the childhood that he spent in Bratislava and the Bratislava castle is a frequent motif. But there are also other motifs, specific landscape visions and meditative works. The newest pictures are arabesques of ornaments, signs and symbols. They are puzzles of a projective reception of thinking. Do we really know everything? Or do we live on coordinates of memories? Desires? Hopes? Arno Pařík, the curator of the Jewish Museum in Prague, will open the exhibition and Peter Horák will be present.     Admission free

Tuesday 20 September, 6 p.m.: Nigun - Hebrew, Sephardic and Yiddish songs and violin improvisations. Come and listen and sing together! Performing: the deepest contralto in the Czech Republic Věra Nerušilová – vocal, violin virtuoso Alexander Shonert – violin, accompanied by Natalie Shonert – piano.     Admission CZK 60

Wednesday 21 September, 6 p.m.: The Holy Land according to the Madab Mosaic Map. The most important places of the Holy Land, particularly Jerusalem according to the oldest cartographic map dated in the 6th century. The Middle East Yesterday and Today. History, the present and context. Geography, culture and religion. A series of lectures by Ing Jan Neubauer introduces the regions of the Middle East without tinsel or a black frame.

Monday 26 September, 6 p.m.: About Ivan Klíma with Arnošt Goldflam. A programme dedicated to the anniversary of Ivan Klíma, a writer and playwright. He is an author of more than thirty works comprehending stories, essays, novels and plays. Among others we can mention his two-part memories “My Mad Century” published by Academia publishing house in 2009 and 2010. Arnošt Goldflam - a director and actor who is equally well-known and who will also celebrate his own anniversary in September - will talk with the author about his life fates over extracts from his work.

Sunday programme for children and their parents

16 September 2011, 2 p.m.: Lion Cub Arje is Celebrating the New Year

Lion Cub Arje will show us round the new Jewish year. He will explain to us why the Jews begin the New Year in autumn, what a shofar is and why they eat apples and honey.

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Peter Horák - At Home at Last. Since 15 September.

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