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September 2013

Tuesday 3 September, 6 p.m.: Three generations. The distinguished guests presented this evening will be the writer and translator from Czech into Hebrew Ruth Bondy, her daughter, Israeli journalist, Tal Bashan and her grand-daughter, a student of theatre school, Karmel Netzer. Their dialogue will be focused on family roots, scars of the Holocaust, identity and the life in Israel. The programme will be held in Czech and English with simultaneous interpreting into Czech.

Tuesday 10 September, 6 p.m.: Changes at the Jewish Cemetery in Žižkov. The opening of the exhibition of unique photographs recording the parts of the Jewish cemetery in Fibichova Street in Žižkov, Prague, some of which do not exist any more. They perished as a result of the building of the TV tower in the 1980s. The cemetery was founded as a plague burial site of the Prague Jewish community in 1860 and was used until 1890. The opening will be introduced with a lecture by Arno Pařík from the Jewish Museum in Prague.      Admission free

Tuesday 17 September, 6 p.m.: Against Fathers´ Will. The first programme from the series on silent Soviet films with Jewish themes. The screening will present two films from the 1920s: adaptation of Sholem Aleichem´s story Bloody Stream about the participation of Russian Jews in the revolution of 1905 called Against Fathers´ Will (Protiv voli otcov, 1927, 45 min) and avant-garde propaganda film Jews in Fields (Jevreji na zemlje, 1927, 18 min) about the foundation of kolkhozes in Crimea (screenplay Viktor Shklovsky and Vladimir Mayakovsky, directed by Abram Room). The screening will be introduced by Pavel Straka from the Terezín Memorial and will by accompanied by music from Jan Grunt within the spirit of the music avantgarde of those times by D. Shostakovich and S. Prokofiev.

Monday 23 September, 6 p.m.: The Treasures of Jewish Songs. At the concert of the brother and sister duo Ester you will hear traditional Jewish songs in Hebrew and in the languages of Ladino and Yiddish. We invite you to listen and if you would like, you can join in the singing of some of them. The programme is accompanied by an introduction of the text’s translation.  ESTER - Kateřina Hajdovská-Tlustá and Alexandr Hajdovský.        Admission CZK 60,-

Tuesday 24 September, 6 p.m.: The Sukot Holiday. The symbolism of the “Feast of Tents” is of many layers. Apart from the reminder of the journey to the Holy Land when the Israelis lived in temporary habitations, there is a rich symbolism of agriculture or eschatology. In the times of the Jerusalem Temple, priests made prayers and sacrifices for all the “seventy nations” that represented all mankind within the rabbis´ narrative. In his lecture Karol Efraim Sidon, Chief Rabbi of Prague and the Czech Republic, will focus just on this universalistic aspect of the Sukot Holiday.

Monday 30 September, 6 p.m.: Judaism and Homosexuality. A programme from the series of discussions on Judaism and modern society whose guest this time will be orthodox rabbi Menashe Kliment and former vice-chairwoman of  the Jewish Community in Plzeň Rézi J. Weiniger who accompanied her daughter through the process of her personal and public acceptance of her homosexual coming out. Moderated by Pavel Kuča, an editor of the Jewish monthly Maskil.

Sunday programme for children and their parents

Sunday 15 September,  2 p.m.: Lion Cub Arje Celebrates the Sukot (Feast of Tents). Together will Arje we will talk about the journey of Jews through the desert and their staying in sukas.  We will learn what suka is and we will also make our own. We will sing a song and taste some traditional dishes as well.


Tour: The Jewish Town

The exhibition within the premises of the Department: Changes of the Jewish Cemetery in Žižkov. From 11 September to 10 October.


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