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International project of Anne Frank House in Amsterdam
(September 2006 - May 2007)

Free2choose Project (www.free2choose.eu) takes place in eleven countries of the European Union: the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Greece, Sweden and Great Britain.
The project, initiated by the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, takes place from September 2006 to May 2007. It is an interactive film presentation about the clash of fundamental rights and freedoms and about delimiting their boundaries.
In a democratic society, citizens are guaranteed a number of fundamental rights and freedoms, which include freedom of speech, freedom of religion and the right to privacy. The Free2choose Project poses the question of whether these rights and freedoms are unlimited – what happens if their observance threatens the foundation of democracy? And what happens when these rights conflict with one another?
The aim of the film clips and subsequent debates (in schools and public places) is to invite the viewers to think about the issues presented in each of the film clips. The project offers a possibility for everybody to think on their own about issues usually decided by lawyers or politicians in a country that applies the rule of law. Ten cases from the world and three from the Czech Republic were chosen as examples.
In the Czech Republic the Free2choose debates follow up the exhibitions Anne Frank – legacy for the present and Don’t Lose Faith in Mankind…The Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia Through the Eyes of Jewish Children organised by the Jewish Museum in Prague.
Partners of the project in the Czech Republic:
People in Need
(Člověk v tísni - společnost při České televizi, o. p. s.)

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The project was financially supported by the European Union (within the Programme of Supporting an active civil society). The author is solely responsible for the content of this publication; the European Commission bears no responsibility for further use of the information mentioned here.
Examples of issues used in the film clips:
Freedom of speech
Example: In their texts, Jamaican dancehall musicians attack homosexuals. Question/dilemma: Should we tolerate this manner of attacking and ridiculing homosexuals?
Freedom of religion
Example: The Sikhs working for the British police wear turbans while on duty. Question/dilemma: Can a policeman on duty wear religious symbols? 
Freedom of the press
Example: Deniers of the Holocaust publish their opinions by way of publicly accessible Internet.
Question/dilemma: Should we tolerate the deniers of the Holocaust? (Should we tolerate free expressions of their opinions on the Internet?)
The right to demonstrate
Example: Neo-Nazi demonstrations in Berlin.
Question/dilemma: Should we tolerate the Neo-Nazis to demonstrate in front of the synagogues?
The right to privacy
Example: Bookshops and libraries in the U.S. refuse to cooperate in asserting the “Patriot Act” (that is, to keep evidence about sold or loaned titles).
Question/dilemma: Is the government entitled to know what books the citizens read?
Material at disposal:
• DVD with film clips in different languages, including Czech
• Czech version of the Free2choose brochure: Limits of Freedom
• F2C Educator Manual (electronic version) (English version)


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