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The Diary of Ruth Brösslerová
• 25 January 1942 – 6 May 1945
• Acquired on loan from the author in 1992
• Terezín archive collection. A copy is available to researchers at the museum's Shoah History Department
• on display at the Robert Guttmann Gallery as part of the exhibition “Truth and Lies: Filming in the Ghetto Terezín 1942-1945” (from 29 August)

Thirteen-year-old Ruth Brösslerová came to the ghetto Terezín with her parents and younger brother on 28 January 1942, arriving on Transport U from Brno. In her diary she not only provides careful and remarkably observant chronological accounts of events associated with the life of the girls in the L410 barrack but also reflects on the reality of the surrounding adult world and ghetto life, and contemplates the future. Both of her diaries contain a number of drawings and documents that have been pasted in (e.g. her family's transport numbers, tuition confirmation), as well as notes by other people.

Ruth Brösslerová in 1938 (Private collection)

For Ruth and the other girls, filming provided a break from everyday reality. In a diary entry from 21 November 1942, she writes that a red-headed lady, Mrs. Dollanová [meaning Irena Dodalová] gave instructions about the filming to the girls in the courtyard of the Dresden Barracks. She also points out that those taking part in the shoot were wearing makeup. When she came to her parents with what was left of the makeup, her father was apparently angry at first but soon calmed down when he found out that she had had something to eat during the shoot.

Ruth Brösslerová also appears on a photo from the film shoot in November 1942 (second girl from the left) (National Film Archive, Prague)

JMP Archives, Terezín Collection, Inv. No. 324, Diary of Ruth Brösslerová, 1942-1945, in Czech, on paper, 2 notebooks
First diary – 170 x 220 mm, hardcover grid notebook with a dark blue highlighted cloth cover and black suede fabric on the spine and folds, 65 folios.
The first diary begins with an entry from 25 January 1942, entitled “Leaving home for Terezín”, and ends with an entry from 19 December 1943, entitled “Transport to Birkenau”.
Second diary – 105 x 205 mm, unlined hardcover notebook – pinkish red paper, grey cloth spine, dark-blue cover with a brown ribbon, 40 folios.
The second diary follows on with an entry from 20 December 1943. The last entry is dated 6 May 1945.

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