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• September 1906
• The document was transferred to the museum in 2003
• Archives of the Jewish Museum in Prague, Varia, Call No. 2003/1. A digitized copy of the document is available in the study room of the museum's archives

Memorial document of the Jerusalem Synagogue, Czech part, whole

During a survey of the Jerusalem (Jubilee) Synagogue on 7 January 2003, representatives of the Prague Jewish Community and the Jewish Museum discovered a parchment scroll in the recess under the memorial plaque on the right-hand side of the Holy Ark, which was stored in a sandstone slab. The tube containing the document had apparently never been opened before.

This “keystone document” (in German “Schlusstein-Urkunde”) refers to the vault keystone that supports the entire building. It provides a brief overview of the history of the building and mentions the people who were responsible for its construction. It also lists all the building and craft firms that contributed to the construction, technical facilities and artistic decoration of the building. The following is written at the end of the document:

“This document was drawn up in commemoration of the successful completion of this building. It was signed by all those involved in the construction and was placed in the last stone of the building in the presence of many guests of honour. May this temple last for many centuries and, even in the distant future, testify to the pious minds of its founders. May it fully serve its purpose for all time: to bring together worshippers in a place where they can uplift their minds to the Creator. So may God grant it! Done in Prague, on the 16th of September 1906.”

At the dedication of the temple, the document was signed by, among others, the architect Wilhelm Stiassny, the builder Alois Richter and his assistant Rudolf Wedeles, Imperial Vice Regent Count Karel Coudenhove, Mayor Karel Groš and Jiří Scharf (on behalf of the Prague City hall), Ludwig Bendiener (on behalf of the Prague Jewish Community) and Board representatives of the New, Zigeuner and Great-Court synagogues from the Association for the Construction of a New Temple. The festive event was also attended by three rabbis of Prague – Chief Rabbi Aladar Deutsch, Alexander Kisch from the Maisel Synagogue and Gustav Weiner from the Vinohrady Synagogue.

Memorial document of the Jerusalem Synagogue, German part, whole

Archives of the Jewish Museum in Prague, Varia, Call No. 2003/1
Ink, tempera colours and gold leaf on whitened parchment
Calligraphic writing in Czech and German with initials decorated with floral ornaments and motifs of the Star of David and the Ten Commandments
Size: 1310 mm x 455 mm
The document was drawn up by David Marcus, an Academy-trained painter and calligrapher from Vienna
The document was bound with pale-blue ribbons and placed in a sealed metal and glass tube

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