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OBJECT OF THE MONTH – October 2004

Etrog dish

The etrog is a citrus fruit that is used during the holiday of Sukkot. It was imported into the Diaspora from the Mediterranean area. Due to the limitations of supply and the requirement that it be unblemished, great care was devoted to etrog storage. Only rarely was the etrog kept in a box that was produced specially for its storage. It was usually kept in a container that had been adapted from a different use. Due to this custom, silver containers have been preserved though they would have been reworked as life style needs changed.
This dish was originally produced as a container for small sweets and only later, without any changes being made, was used for etrog storage. The dish was made in Augsburg c. 1675, probably by the silversmith Esaias II. Busch, who was active in 1670-1705.






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