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Pesach cup

Cut and carved glass, Bohemia, 19th century,
height: 214 mm (acc. no. 174.792)

Due to the historical prestige of Bohemia glassware, use was often made of beverage glass for ritual purposes in Jewish communities. Such items do not usually differ in shape from ordinary products and are identifiable only from the decoration or inscription. In terms of shape and ornamentation, this cup is based on the traditions of Bohemian Baroque glass, and its surface bears a large engraved scene of Abraham visited by angels, as described in the Book of Genesis. According to the Hebrew inscription, which is engraved on the base (“Pesach, Matzah, Maror”), this cup was intended for ritual use during the Pesach Seder meal. The decoration relates only loosely to its ritual use, and the technique of the inscription also differs. The cup was probably selected for this purpose subsequently.


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