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Mementoes from the Terezín ghetto

Toy doll, inv. nos. JMP 178.925
Cotton, flax, felt
Donated to the museum in 2006 by Hana Dobešová.

Although these crudely made items may not be to everyone’s taste, they were certainly once the most cherished possessions of Hana Müllerová (b. 1920). They were made by her mother Žofie Fischerová (b. 1890) at the Terezín Tailors’ Workshop, where military uniforms were repaired. The doll was supposed to depict her daughter as a cleaner, while the little dog was a reminder of Rychnov nad Kněžnou – the number on the collar was the number of the family’s house where they lived prior to deportation. Made from pieces of various fabrics, wool and cotton, these mementoes of everyday life behind the ghetto walls gave Hana the hope that the course of history would turn and that she would once again meet up with her family and friends. Hana and her mother survived; her father Max Fischer perished in Auschwitz and her husband František Müller perished in the Dachau concentration camp. The Jewish Museum’s collection of mementoes and toys from Terezín are among its most precious items. In 2006 it was enriched by this extraordinary and generous gift.


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