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Archive of Objects of the Month


July - Laces on Synagogue Textiles

August - Item from the Old Jewish Museum in Prague

September - Rabbi Loew Cup

October - Etrog dish

November - Torah mantle

December - Hanukkah lamp with the images of Moses and Aaron on either side


January - Torah Shield

February - Torah shield with the images of Moses and Aaron

March - Torah Mantle of Mordecai Maisel

April - Seder Plate

May - Pendant with engraved letters “EHA”

June - Picture for the Shavuot festival

July - Max Liebermann, Gartenlokal an der Havel, c. 1933

August - Shiviti with Daily Psalms

September - ANNIVERSARY: The Prague publisher Jakob B. Brandeis

October - Georg Jilovsky: Prague painter and graphic artist

November - Salomon Hugo Lieben

December - Robert Guttmann: Kindling the Hanukkah Lights


January - Václav Kejmar: Portrait of Composer Jaromír Weinberger

February - Jewish National Fund Certificate

March - Writer Oscar Baum – death anniversary

April - Wedding plate, 1842

May - Ferdinand Schmutzer - Portrait of Sigmund Freud

June - Václav Popelík: Commemoration of the Old Jewish Cemetery and its Surroundings

July - Scroll of Esther in a case

August - Anonymous: Portrait of Rabbi Salomon Winter

September - Bedřich Fritta (1906-1944): Makeshift Barracks (An Evening in the Barracks)

October - Whip used on Yom Kippur

November - Torah binder

December - Porcelain Hanukkah lamp


January - Robert Piesen: Portrait of Pavla Mautnerová (b. 1919)

February - Karel Fleischmann: Registration of People Waiting for Deportation

March - Dezider (Dudy) Salomon: Purim Mask with the Text of the Yiddish Song ‘A gutn purim, malech’

April - Pesach cup

May - Goods tram in the Lodz ghetto, ID card of Dr. Pavel Eckstein

June - Otto Gutfreund: Feather Strippers

July - Mementoes from the Terezín ghetto: Toy doll

August - Holy Scripture from the collections of the Central Jewish Museum (1942–1945)

September - Shell with Rosh Hashanah greetings

October - Ignác Porges: Portrait of Chief Rabbi of Prague Solomon Judah Löb Rapoport

November - Tefillin bag, a relic from the Patria disaster

December - Friedrich Feigl: King David Street in Jerusalem, 1933


January - Jewish National Fund Alms Box

February - Pavel Hrach, Václav Fajt: Miniature sheet and stamp featuring the drawing Moonscape by Petr Ginz

March - Set of adornments for a Torah scroll

April - Seder plate with an illustration of the song Chad Gadya

May - Torah shield, a copy of which was presented to Israeli President Herzog

June - Synagogue Cushion with the Motif of the 10th Anniversary of the Foundation of the State of Israel

July - Flowers and Views of the Holy Land

August - Decorative wall panel – Jews Praying at the Western Wall

September - Anonymous author: Fragment of a New Year’s Greetings Card

October - Habonim Flag

November - Copy of an ancient shekel and a present-day coin

December - Alms box for the poor in the Holy Land


January - Wine Carafe

February - Chain worn by the shames of Vinohrady Synagogue

March - The Terezín Family Camp in Auschwitz-Birkenau

April - Case for dowry cash

June - Model for the Rabbi Loew Monument at the New Town Hall, 1910

July - Ladislav Šaloun (1870, Prague – 1946, Prague) Model for the Rabbi Loew Monument at the New Town Hall, 1910,

August - Commemorative coin for the anniversary of the death of Rabbi Loew

September - Hazkarah (memorial prayer) for Rabbi Loew and his wife Perle

October - Karel Zeman, Jaroslav Tvrdoň, Special Postage Stamp – Rabbi Judah Loew

November - Helga Hošková-Weissová (b. 1929) Girls’ Billets in Terezín before a Visit by the International Red Cross, Terezín, 1944

December - Master CS (Cyrillus Schillberger ?): Hanukkah Lamp, Vienna, Austro-Hungarian Empire, 1873


January - Torah binder

February - Purim cups

March - Wildt Atelier, Oskar Baum at Work

April - Pesah Haggadah with illustrations by Otto Geismar

May - TerezĂ­n vase with a portrait of Theodor Herzl

June - Circumcision outfit of the composer Karel Reiner

July - Hermann Weiss, Jihlava: View of Mahler’s house on Znojemská Street in Jihlava, 1936

August - Commemorative coin for the anniversary of the death of Rabbi Loew

September - Hazkarah (memorial prayer) for Rabbi Loew and his wife Perle

October - Karel Zeman, Jaroslav Tvrdoň, Special Postage Stamp – Rabbi Judah Loew

November - Helga Hošková-Weissová (b. 1929) Girls’ Billets in Terezín before a Visit by the International Red Cross, Terezín, 1944

December - Master CS (Cyrillus Schillberger ?): Hanukkah Lamp, Vienna, Austro-Hungarian Empire, 1873



January - Carved Pointer

February - Author unknown: Rabbi and His Wife, ca. 1855

March - Anonymous: Micrography (Megillat Esther, chapters 1-6 and 6-9)

April - Leo Haas (1901-1983): Conversation, Vienna, 1925

May - Emil Orlik (1870-1932), Portrait of Gustav Mahler (1860-1911), Vienna, 1902

June - František Gellner (1881-1914): Ex libris (before 1914)

July - Bohumil Lonek (1903-1998): Portrait of Rudolf Slánský (1901-1952), 1951

August - Aron ha-kodesh from the synagogue in Dašice near Pardubice, East Bohemia, ca. 1822

September - Synagogue curtain from Kolín (1630), decorated using a rare textile method

October - Player piano roll on a spool (Inv. No. 179.622)

November - Synagogue curtain, inv. no. 020.221 Silk, passement (braiding), appliqué in metal and metal thread 2130 x 1700 mm

December - Eugen von Kahler (1882–1911) Self-Portrait, 1911 Oil on canvas, 105 x 60 cm



January - Cinema advertisement of Rudolf Elsner, tradesman from Říčany by Prague, Bio-Reklama Slavia, Prague, Národní 21, year of production and display: 1926

February - Georges Kars (2 May 1880, Kralupy, Central Bohemia – 6 February 1945, Geneva, Switzerland) City Corner, 1906

March - Purim Plaque, 1863

April - Plates depicting a page from the Prague Haggadah Copper plate, etched, Central Europe (?), turn of the 19th/20th centuries

May - Mizrah with figure of Moses Wood, canvas, polychrome, oil painting, Bohemia, last third of the nineteenth century

June - Pot Coaster from the TerzĂ­n Ghetto
beech wood, ink drawing with aniline colouring, TerezĂ­n, early 1945
Height 210 mm, width 183 mm
Inv. No. ŽMP 179.071

July - Max (Maximilian) Horb (1982- 1907), Portrait of a Boy, 1900
oil on canvas, 76 x 60 cm (89 x 73.5 cm)

August - Object of the Month – August 2012 A bag containing soil from the Mount of Olives Canvas, print, soil, Jerusalem, c.1920-30

September - Synagogue curtain with the motif of a lion blowing the shofar
This year we will be celebrating Rosh Ha-Shanah (literally "head of the year" in Hebrew) – the Jewish New Year – on the 17th of September.

October - Jiří Kolář (1914-2002) Shoah, 1952 collage from two gelatin silver prints, 223 x 330 mm (330 x 453 mm) JMP 177.545/10 Provenance: donated by the artist

November - Bell with a depiction of the entrance to the Old-New Synagogue Iron, hammered and polychrome painted, Bohemia, 2nd half of the 19th century Height 94 mm, width 95 mm Inv. no. JMP 61.820

December - Selihot. (Penitential Prayers). Fragment. Prague: 1512–1515 (1522?). JMP, inv. no. 178.825, Genizah Holešov. Found in frame of the primary research by the JMP in the late 1990’s.



January - Object of the Month – January 2013 Hanukkah Menorah Forged iron Unmarked, undated, Bohemia, 2nd half of the 18th century Height 1075 mm, width 742 mm Inv. No. JMP 12.566

February - Important Hebrew books printed by the Elsenwanger press

Abraham Farisol, Iggeret Orhot Olam [Epistle on the Ways of the World], Prague, Elsenwanger Press, 1793, illustrated by Anton Balzer Israel Landau, Hok le-Yisra’el [Law of Israel], Prague, Elsenwanger Press, 1798, illustrated by Johann Carl Balzer Jewish Museum in Prague’s collection of rare printed books and manuscripts and JMP library collection Originally in the Prague Jewish Community’s library (Prager Israelitische Cultus-Gemeinde Bibliothek) collection

March - The oldest synagogue textile in the collections of the Jewish Museum in Prague

• 1547 or 1590/1592
• shipped to the Jewish museum in 1942-45 from the Old-New Synagogue collection point in Prague
• part of the Jewish museum’s collection / Judaica (textile) sub-collection
• on display in the Maisel Synagogue

April - Interior of the Vinohrady Synagogue, Prague

• Jindřich Eckert, ca. 1900
• acquired in 1947
• JMP collection, Judaica sub-collection (Visual Art Collection, Photography and New Media sub-collection)
• on display at the Robert Guttmann Gallery as part of the exhibition “Symbols of Emancipation. Nineteenth-Century Synagogues in the Czech Lands” (until 4 August)

May - David Gans – Tzemah David

• David Gans, Tzemah David. Prague, Solomon ben Mordecai and Moses ben Joseph Bezalel Katz, 1592
• Acquired in 1946 as part of the pre-war Library of the Religious Community in Prague
• The collection of rare printed books and the library collection of the Jewish Museum in Prague

June - Manuscript with a penitential prayer for the Jews of Kroměříž massacred by the Swedish army in June 1643

• 1702
• shipped to the JMP from the Kroměříž collection point in 1942-45
• part of the JMP collection / Judaica sub-collection (manuscripts)

July - Portrait of the Writer and Critic Max Brod

Willy Nowak, 1911
Acquired in 2003
Visual Arts Collection

August - A gift made after the return from exile

• 1748
• shipped to the JMP from the Prague collection point in 1942-45
• JMP collection, sub-collection 'Textile Judaica'

September - Carved and engraved shofar
• 19th century
• acquired as part of the wartime shipment of 1942-1945, collection point Kolín
• part of the JMP collection (Judaica sub-collection)
• on display at the JMP's permanent exhibition in the Klausen Synagogue

October - The Diary of Ruth Brösslerová

• 25 January 1942 – 6 May 1945
• Acquired on loan from the author in 1992
• Terezín archive collection. A copy is available to researchers at the museum's Shoah History Department
• on display at the Robert Guttmann Gallery as part of the exhibition “Truth and Lies: Filming in the Ghetto Terezín 1942-1945” (from 29 August)

November - Ezekiel Landau, Noda bi-Yehuda (Famous in Judea)
• Praha 1773
• Transferred to the Museum’s Collection Department from another of its departments in 2001
• Manuscripts and genizah papers Collection
• Facsimile on display in the exhibition at the Maisel Synagogue


• September 1906
• The document was transferred to the museum in 2003
• Archives of the Jewish Museum in Prague, Varia, Call No. 2003/1. A digitized copy of the document is available in the study room of the museum's archives



January - Clapperboard

• acquired by the Museum from a private collector in 1997ss
• part of the Museum's Judaica sub-collection
• presently kept in the Museum's depository

February - The Simon Abeles Case

• Johann Wolfgang Ebelin von Friedberg: Processus inquisitorius, welcher In der Königl. Böhm. Residenz-Stadt Prag von dem hochlöbl. Königl. Appellations-tribunal als einem, im Erb-Königreich Böheim,... im Jahr 1694, wider beyde Prager-Juden Lazar Abeles und Löbl Kurzhandl wegen dess Ex odio Christianae Fidei, von ihnen Juden ermordeten Zwölff-jährigen Jüdischen Knabens Simon Abeles Als leiblichen Sohns des ersten Verführet; Und zu mehreren Erhöhung dess Christlichen Glaubens auch zur fruchtbaren Aussererbauung Jedesmänniglichen samt den dienlichen Haubt-Inquisitions-Acten ..., Prague, Kašpar Zachariáš Wussin 1728
• Acquired by the museum in 1967 from a second-hand bookshop in Jihlava
• Kept in the museum's collection of Rare Printed Book

March - Hermína Ledererová and the Terezín Family Camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau

- 1930s
- acquired as a gift in 2011
- kept in the Archives of the Jewish Museum in Prague (part of the personal papers of Jiří Glaser)

April - Tefillin

• Karol Jerzy Lilpop, Warsaw, 1st third of the 19th century
• purchased from Galerie Vadamo in 1995, previous owner history not known
• part of the museum's Judacia collection
• on display at the museum's permanent exhibition in Klausen Synagogue

May - Portrait of Rabbi David Oppenheim (1664-1736)

• Copper engraving by Johann Georg Balzer, based on a portrait by Johann Kleinhardt
• 1773
• from the collection of the pre-war Jewish Museum in Prague

June - Torah mantle

Commemoration of the beginning of the First World War
Acquired by the museum in 1942–1944 from the 'Moravská Ostrava' collection point.
Jewish Museum in Prague – Sub-collection of Judaic Textiles.

July - Alfréd Justitz (July 19, 1879, Nová Cerekev – February 9, 1934, Bratislava)
Self-portrait, 1904
Included in the JMP’s collection on May 18, 1944, selected from the warehouse of the Prague Treuhandstelle, prior ownership history undocumented
Visual Arts Collection

August - František Zelenka, architectural design for the Jewish Museum's exhibition in the Klausen Synagogue 1943
not numbered
ink drawing on tracing paper
1385 x 1005 mm

September - Jakub Bauernfreund (Oct. 25, 1904, Zborov u Bardejova, Slovakia – Nov. 8, 1976, London)
Still Life with Fruit and Torso, c. 1932
Catalogued in the JMP’s collection on Nov. 5, 1943, selected from the warehouse of the Prague Treuhandstelle, last owner prior to confiscation was Karel Wolf, Prague
Visual Arts Collection

October -

November - Hilde Pollak (Vienna, November 2, 1874 – Treblinka, October 19, 1942) Expressionen I-XII, c. 1920 Selected from the Treuhandstelle warehouse in Prague and catalogued in the JMP’s collection on May 21, 1944 last owner prior to confiscation: Hilde Pollak, Prague

December - Album of photographs from the refugee camp in Německý Brod (now Havlíčkův Brod)
Acquired from Václav Hořejš by the Jewish Museum in 1962.

Visual Arts Collection
JMP 173.008
Album of 73 bromide photographs
Not signed or dated, ca. 1915-1917


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