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Judaica Bohemiae

For contributors

Judaica Bohemiae features original studies on various aspects of Jewish history and culture in Bohemia and Moravia (or, in certain related cases, other countries of the former Habsburg Monarchy) from the Middle Ages through to the present. It also contains reviews and reports on major publications, projects and exhibitions relating to the above themes. The journal’s aim is to familiarize specialists from the Czech Republic and abroad with the findings of researchers in this field (published in English or German).
Manuscripts should be prepared in MS Word format (Times New Roman 12 font) and emailed to the editors ( [email] alexandr.putik[at]jewishmuseum.cz, [email] iveta.cermanova[at]jewishmuseum.cz). They may include black-and-white illustrations, which should be sent in print quality (at 300 dpi) and, if necessary, with copyright permission. You should also attach a brief résumé (max. 100 words) and inform the editors of your full name, title(s) and current professional position.
Citations in Notes
All notes should appear as footnotes (not end notes).
The titles of all works should be cited in the original language.
1. Books
Joseph M. Davis, Yom-Tov Lipmann Heller. Portrait of Seventeenth-Century Rabbi, Oxford – Portland, Oregon 2004, p. 70.
Iveta Cermanová – Jindřich Marek, Na rozhraní křesťanského a židovského světa. Příběh hebrejského cenzora a klementinského knihovníka Karla Fischera (1757–1844) [Between the Christian and Jewish Worlds: The Story of a Censor in Hebraicis and Librarian of the Klementinum, Karl Fischer (1757–1844)], Prague, 2007, pp. 102–147.
2. Articles in journals

The titles of journals that are frequently cited in the text should be given in full when they first appear and in abbreviated form for all subsequent occurrences.

Daniel Weidner, ‘Reading Gershom Sholem’, Jewish Quarterly Review (hereinafter JQR), 96 (2006), No. 2, pp. 203–231.
Bedřich Nosek – Vladimír Sadek, ‘Georgio Diodato und David Oppenheim’, Judaica Bohemiae (hereinafter JB), V (1970), No. 1, pp. 5–27.
Arthur Arnheim, ‘Hebrew Prints and Censorship in Altona’, Studies in Bibliography and Booklore, 21 (2001), pp. 3–9.
3. Articles in proceedings or monographs

Robert Bonfil, ‘How Golden Was the Age of the Renaissance in Jewish Historiography?’, in: D. B. Ruderman, ed., Essential Papers on Jewish Culture in Renaissance and Baroque Italy, New York – London, 1992, pp. 219–251.
Georg G. Iggers, ‘Ohne jüdische Identität keine jüdische Geschichte’, in: M. Brenner – D. N. Myers, eds., Jüdische Geschichtsschreibung heute. Themen, Positionen, Kontroversen, München, 2002, pp. 44–53.

4. Archive records
Full citation (first occurrence):
Národní archiv [National Archives] (hereinafter NA), Prezidium gubernia [Presidium of the Bohemian Gubernium] (hereinafter PG), 1811–1815, Inv. No. 1409, Sg. 16/147, box 850.
Abbreviated citation:
NA, PG, 1811–1815, 1409, Sg. 16/186, box 851.
5. Library manuscript
Full citation (first use)
Národní knihovna ČR [National Library of the Czech Republic] (hereinafter NK ČR), MS XVI.C.28.
Abbreviated citation:
NK ČR, MS IX.J.33.

6. Electronic sources

Paul Halsall, Fordham University, Internet History Sourcebooks Project (last updated 29/7/2001, accessed 25/3/2004).

Repeated citations

If only one book or article by an author is cited:
Full citation:
Hillel J. Kieval, Languages of Community. The Jewish Experience in the Czech Lands, Berkeley – Los Angeles – London 2000.
Abbreviated citation:
H. J. Kieval, op. cit., p. 120.
If several books or articles by the same author are cited:
Full citation:
Salomon Hugo Lieben, ‘Rabbi Eleasar Fleckeles’, Jahrbuch der Jüdisch-literarischen Gesellschaft, 10 (1912), pp. 1–33.
Abbreviated citation:
S. H. Lieben, ‘Rabbi Eleasar Fleckeles’, p. 17.
Full citation:
Ruth Kestenberg-Gladstein, Neuere Geschichte der Juden in den böhmischen Ländern I. Das Zeitalter der Aufklärung 1780–1830, Tübingen 1969.
Abbreviated citation:
R. Kestenberg-Gladstein, Neuere Geschichte, p. 191.
Terminology to be used:



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