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Other Temporary & Traveling Exhibitions

"Jewish customs and traditions" and " History of the Jews in Bohemia and Moravia"


For a long time now, the Jewish Museum in Prague has been receiving requests from various parts of the Czech Republic for co-operation in the preparation of exhibitions on Jewish themes. As it is not always possible to meet these requests in terms of scope and time, Museum staff have created a touring panel-based version of two of its exhibitions which focus on Jewish traditions, religion and history in Bohemia and Moravia. The first public presentation of this show was at the Museum’s Education and Culture Centre on 17 March 2003.
These exhibitions (“Jewish Customs and Traditions” and “History of the Jews in Bohemia and Moravia”) are based on the Museum’s collections and permanent exhibitions which are on display in its historic buildings in Prague. Each exhibition comprises 12 panels which may be presented together or separately in accordance with the requirements of the individual organisers.

This project was conceived by Arno Pařík , an exhibition curator at the Museum. Specialist Museum staff, Alexandr Putík , Andrea Braunová and Olga Sixtová, contributed to the preparation of texts and Eva Kosáková a Vlastimila Hamáčková worked on the selection of items and archive materials. Regional museums and galleries in Děčín, Pilsen, Brno, Náchod, Mikulov and Karlovy Vary have already expressed interest in the project.

The exhibition is available on loan free of charge; only the costs related to transport, packing and installation are paid by the exhibition holder.
Please contact us if you would like this exhibition to be held in your region. We will do all we can, once we have processed your application. Through our Education and Culture Centre, we can also organize lectures to be held at your venue.

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Exhibition details:
26 display panels:
 Width Height 
24 large 100 x 140 cm
2 small 40 x 60 cm


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