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Further Trainings of Educational Staff


projects of ECC:

Education and Culture Centre

Further Trainings of Educational Staff

How to Teach about the Holocaust - a seminar programme for teachers

As part of its further training, the Centre offers its educational staff the following programmes:

I. Seminar entitled How to teach about the Holocaust organized by the Terezín Memorial. The first part is arranged by the Centre.

For more information see Contents - Anti-Semitism - Holocaust.

II. A four-part series of seminars entitled Jewish history, tradition, culture and education towards tolerance held by the Centre in cooperation with educational centres and Jewish communities outside Prague.

Outline of individual sections:


1. History of the Jews + the Jewish Year

Two lectures highlighting the earliest history of the Jews (antiquity) and their traditions and customs in connection with the main Jewish festivals and the basic principles of Judaism.


Afternoon tour of the exhibition in the Klausen Synagogue and a practical illustration of interactive teaching methods at the Centre (it will be necessary to split up the group). Most of the individual Workshop programmes are focused on Jewish festivals (Sabbath, Purim, Pesach, Hanukkah, Rosh Hashanah a Yom Kippur, Shavuot and Simhat Torah) and on other themes related to Jewish traditions (Wedding, Hebrew alphabet).

Participants can have a go at making candles with several wicks, drawing up their own wedding contract, or writing their names or simple texts in Hebrew script, etc.

Duration of programmes: lecture 2 x 90 minutes

Workshop programmes: one group about one hour

2. History of the Jews in Bohemia and Moravia

Two morning lectures providing a general overview of the history of Czech Jews

and of the current state of Jewish sites in the region. The first general part of the lectures will be focused in more detail on (among other things) the Renaissance period, contacts between Jewish and non-Jewish personalities of the time and the first Hebrew printed books in Bohemia and Moravia.


Afternoon tours of Jewish Museum exhibitions (Klausen, Maisel, Old-New and Spanish synagogues, and other sites).

Duration of programmes: lecture 2 x 90 minutes

tour: 3 - 3 hours

3. Modern history

Two lectures – one on the Jewish enlightenment, emancipation, assimilation, the emergence of various trends in Judaism and Zionism; the other on the history of anti-Semitism, with emphasis on the 19th and 20th centuries and related aspects in the present.

Testimonies of survivors

Afternoon section in which participants can learn more about the Lost Neighbours project and have the opportunity to meet survivors of the Holocaust. There may also be screenings of documentary films.

Duration of programmes:

lecture 2 x 90 minutes afternoon seminar: 3 - 3 hours (depending on how much time the participants have)

4. Contemporary Israel

Afternoon lecture by the Director of the Centre and former Czech Ambassador to Israel, Dr. Miloš Pojar, on recent history and current developments in the peace process in the Middle East.

If you are interested, you can register directly at the Centre by phone, e-mail or fax. The Centre has accreditation from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport and participants will receive a certificate after completing the series. After prior arrangements with the Centre and other institutions, certain parts of the programme can be held directly at your place of work .


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