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Tombstones of the Šafov Jewish Cemetery as depicted in prints by the Japanese artist Kunito Nagaoka

New Town Hall Cloister, Brno (Křížová chodba Nové radnice)
The exhibition runs from 1 until 19 April 2008, open every day from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
The Japaneese artist Kunito Nagaoka says these words about his work:
"My artistic approach to the surviving gravestones in Šafov is connected to my studies of graphic printing. In these days of ever faster imaging, of digital photography and digital documentation, I am using one of the most ancient graphic printing techniques, Taku-Hon, on purpose. This Chinese-Japanese hand printing technique has been known since the 2nd Century CE. It allows true-to-scale stone rubbings without damaging or dirtying the epitaph. Every print is unique, an individual work of art. The activity of printing demands meditative concentration and calls for a self-examination regarding dying and death. The Japanese paper appropriate for this technique perpetuates the names of the deceased and relates information about their life. Thus, with these prints, the names regain a long lasting existence in another medium. This is why I have decided to work with Taku-Hon: to document, archive and publish these epitaphs. With these Taku-Hon works I hope to make a contribution to the reality of an important facet of European history; I want to remind us all of losses and scars. The return of these names of the dead into present is a major interest of mine. This documentation also presents an occasion to confront the fate suffered by the Jews."
The exhibition is organized by the Jewish Community Brno; Education and Culture Centre of the Jewish Museum in Prague, the Brno office; Centre for the Future Slavonice and Institut für kulturresistente Güter Wien. The exbition runs under the auspices of the Mayor of the statutory city of Brno Roman Onderka.

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