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Exhibitions reopened

The Jewish Museum in Prague is pleased to announce the reopening on 15 October of its permanent exhibitions in all its synagogues, except the Pinkas, and of the Old Jewish Cemetery, which had to be closed as a result of damage caused by the floods in August. Due to the flooding of basement areas, dampness in the naves of the Museum's historic buildings rose to such a level that it was no longer possible to provide a suitable climatic environment for the displaying of rare artefacts from its collection. Only now, after the dampness has fallen to an acceptable level and the affected areas have been dried and disinfected, is it possible to restore the original scope of the exhibitions. Necessary repairs to the Pinkas Synagogue, however, are expected to last a year; groundwater here reached a height of 1.5 metres, causing serious damage to the hand-written inscriptions of Shoah victims, as well as structural damage. A newly designed tour path has been prepared for visitors of the Old Jewish Cemetery; this is longer than the previous path and affords more attractive views. It should also be noted that there will be a marked reduction in entrance fees for the Jewish Museum in Prague during the time when the Pinkas Synagogue is closed.

The Robert Guttmann Gallery (in the Museum's administrative centre at U Staré školy 3, Prague 1), whose central air-conditioning system was completely destroyed due to the flooding, will reopen on 7 November 2002 with an exhibition of paintings by the young Prague artist Michal Singer. Classical music concerts in the Spanish Synagogue will recommence on 15 October 2002.

Exhibitions are open daily apart from Saturdays and Jewish holidays: 9am-6pm, from November closing at 4.30pm.



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