Jewish Museum in Prague


Paper and Parchment Restoration Workshop

restorers:Jurek Stankiewicz, Markéta Kropáčová

This workshop specializes in the conservation and restoration of paper and parchment. Opened in early 2001, it is the mot recent restoration workplace of the Jewish Museum in Prague.

The unit comprises its own workshop and laboratory. It is equipped with multi-purpose facilities, which is necessary in view of the fact that the Museum's collections contain a relatively broad range of paper and parchment objects (a diverse collection of drawings, graphic art, books, parchment manuscripts and archive material). Measures carried out here include restoring book-bindings, cleaning objects (with and without chemicals), reducing the hyperacidity of paper and parchment, and carrying out general restoration of objects, including matting (an integral aspect of preventative conservation). In addition, restored objects undergo digital photo-documentation, which involves the use of a stereo-microscope - an important instrument for determining the degree of damage to the paper or parchment and for selecting suitable restoration measures. The climate-controlled laboratory is intended mainly for the restoration of the most damaged parchment objects which are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. A fume cupboard for work with chemicals and a light table are also located here.

The facilities of the paper and parchment restoration workshop fully meet current EU requirements.

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