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Help in the search for lost neighbours !

The Jewish Museum in Prague is putting together a database of information and documents relating to the life of Jews in Bohemia and Moravia.

The second world war is a time that many people still remember in connection with their nearest and dearest. Important material includes, for example, personal letters, deportation documents, and records documenting the life of Jews before the war, their relations with the wider society and the links between Czech and Jewish culture. Also of interest to us is the effect that anti-Jewish measures during the war had on this coexistence, on Jews themselves and on subsequent relations between Jews and their non-Jewish neighbours.

 Did any of your relations, neighbours or Jewish acquaintances from your neighbourhood disappear during the second world war? Do you have any photographs of these people, or any of their letters or diaries? It is not important whether or not they were members of the Jewish community (those who were not conscious of their Jewish origins but who were recognized as Jews under the Nuremberg Laws, are the ones who often disappeared without trace). Have you found any evidence pointing to the former presence of Jewish residents in your neighbourhood? Documents hidden away in school or local archives may be of importance.

 We are also looking for evidence of personal courage during the period when the Nuremberg Laws were in force. This includes evidence of people who helped Jews during World War II and everything relating to the Jewish resistance. For more information please contact the Holocaust documentation section at the Jewish Museum in Prague


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