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The Jewish Museum in Prague Foundation contributes to various types of projects, particularly educational programmes arranged by Jewish communities in the Czech Republic which seek to familiarise the public with the customs and culture of the Jewish community in Bohemia and Moravia. The Foundation also supports permanent and temporary exhibitions that document the history of Jews in individual regions of the Czech Republic, as well as the publication of works by Jewish authors and of works on the history of Czech Jews (see Foundation Statute). Specific support has been provided, for example, for a Czech edition of Anne Frank’s diary (published by Triáda), an exhibition on the history of Jewish sport and an exhibition on the history of Judaism which was presented by the Jewish Community in Děčín.

The Foundation does not provide financial contributions for the preservation or restoration of Jewish monuments, as this falls within the scope of the Zecher Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Monuments in the Czech Republic and the Prague Jewish Community Foundation. Although financial support is earmarked primarily for Jewish communities operating within the Federation of Jewish Communities in the Czech Republic, the Foundation seeks to contribute to the preservation and development of Jewish culture throughout the Czech Republic. For this reason, in individual cases, the Foundation also wishes to provide financial contributions to other institutions, provided that they are projects whose aim is to preserve objects of cultural value which, although not part of the holdings of the Jewish Museum in Prague, do represent significant examples of a shared Jewish culture in the Czech Republic.

The allocation of financial contributions is determined on the basis of a grant procedure which is announced annually by the Foundation for the given areas.
Announcement of a selection procedure.

The Supervisory Board of the Foundation comprises six members:

· JUDr. Eva Adamová (chair)
· Mgr. Michaela Hájková
· PhDr. Eva Kosáková
· MUDr. Libuše Salzmanová
· Eva Pézlová
· Mgr. Marie Zahradníková

Registered office of the Foundation:
The Foundation is recorded in the Foundation Register of the Municipal Court in Prague – no. N 182.


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