Jewish Museum in Prague


Old-New Synagogue

The Old-New Synagogue was built in an early Gothic style around the middle of the 13th centruy. It was originally called the "New" or "Greate" Shul to distinguish it from an older house of prayer which did not survive. It was not until the 16th centruy, when other synagogues were established in Prague, that it became known as the "Old-New" Synagogue. It is now the oldestsurviving example of the medieval twin-nave type of synagogue. The earliest examples of this type were the Romanesque synagogue in Worms (dating from the 12th century) and the early Gothic synagogue in Regensburg. The hall is vaulted by six 5-partite vault compartments supported by two octangonal pillars. The Old-New Synagogue, which is not part of the Jewish Museum, is one of three Prague synagogues, together with the High and Jerusalem Synagogues, in which services are held.


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