Jewish Museum in Prague


OBJECT OF THE MONTH – September 2004

Rabbi Loew Cup

This silver cup with lid was probably made in Germany at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries and is traditionally believed to come from the property of the famous Prague rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel. This cannot be known for certain, however, as the remainder of the Hebrew inscription on the stem of the cup is illegible. The original cup is badly damaged. Judging from the large number of early repairs and additions, there has been considerable effort in the past to preserve it at any cost, even though it could no longer be used for its original purpose. Despite all the damage, it has survived to the present day, unlike broken and unfunctional silver items that had been subject to regular use. It is therefore possible that the cup was kept for generations as a rare object in commemoration of the donor or owner, who must have been a very important person. It remains unknown whether that person was rabbi Loew himself.

A reproduction of the cup is on display at the exhibition.





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