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Reference Centre

The Reference Centre is an important resource for the Jewish Museum’s new office building – it is located in the basement of the building. It provides visitors from the Czech Republic and abroad with services, both in traditional and electronic form, focusing on Judaism and the history of the Jews.

The Reference Centre’s small, thematically arranged reference library comprises dictionaries, encyclopaedic material (on general topics and Judaica), publications on Israel, Jewish history, art, Bible studies and liturgy, Bohemian studies and Prague history, books published by the Jewish Museum, directories of museums, libraries and galleries, and journals (Rosh Chodesh, Judaica Bohemiae, Jewish Yearbook and other Judaistic periodicals).

Equipped with the latest computer technology, the Reference Centre has thematic CD ROMs and provides access to the Internet. The Reference Centre provides access to the Aleph automated library system which makes it possible to search electronically for documents in the Jewish Museum’s library holdings.

Services in the Reference Centre

  • reference – provision of general information (information on the JMP, exhibitions and events)
  • bibliographic – basic data retrieval, searches in the Holocaust victim database and the collection department database, access to departmental databases (Proquest, PCI, library catalogues, etc.)
  • consultations – referrals to specialist staff at the JMP and affiliated organisations
  • reprographic – photocopying
  • answering telephone queries

Open from Monday to Friday, 9.30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Contact: sarka.tafatova(z)

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