Rules of communication between staff of the Collections Department and researchers

  1. The Museumís holdings administered by its Collections Department are divided into several collections which are researched on an ongoing basis by the Museumís curators. Enquires from researchers concerning items in the collections (consultations and collection searches) are dealt with by the curators or, in specific cases, by the Documentation Department or the Photo Archive.

  2. Consultations may be in writing (via e-mail), by phone or in person (after prior appointment). Collection searches are carried out in written form. Consultations are not provided with regard to items which are not in the Museumís collections or which are not offered to the Museum as potential acquisitions. Unrequested materials will not be returned.
  3. A research form must be completed in full prior to communication (here).

  4. The extent and scope of the information to be provided shall be decided by the curator of the relevant collection or by the head of the Documentation Department on the basis of the current state of research, which may vary within the individual collections.

  5. The Museum provides information about items in its collections only for specifically defined purposes, i.e. for projects (such as articles, publications and exhibitions) that have a specific outcome within a set time frame.

  6. The Museum reserves the right to determine whether and to what extent it shall provide information and whether and to what extent its curators shall participate in the project in question and/or provide their expertise (e.g., for academic work title leading to a title, provision of grants, etc.)

  7. The provision of collection searches and information concerning items in the Museumís collections is a paid service. The specific fee is based on the exacting nature of the service in terms of expertise and demands on time, as determined by the relevant curator. The remuneration for services is specified in the Museumís Price List for Services. Researchers are provided with the results of the collection searches after showing proof of payment of the service in question. The cost of a collection search is based not on the result but on the exacting nature of the work.

  8. The Museumís curators provide information only with regard to the collections they administer, not information of a general character, bibliographic literature searches or information that is obtainable from the Museumís library.

  9. Information provided in the form of a collection search is subject to copyright of the curator by whom it was provided.


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