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Peer review process

Manuscripts that are offered to the Judaica Bohemiae for publishing in the peer-reviewed section Studies and Articles are first assessed by the journalís editors or by members of the editorial board. Papers may be rejected at this stage by the editorial board if they contain major shortcomings in terms of form or content.
Manuscripts that are accepted go through the standard peer review process, with each text being assessed once or, in disputed cases, two or three times. Without the name of the author being given, the text is sent to a reviewer, who is selected by the editorial board with regard to the specialist focus of the text. Preference is given to external reviewers (from the Czech Republic and abroad) ) although, in exceptional and justified cases, they may be members of the editorial board. A paper by a member of the editorial board must be reviewed by external reviewers. The editors then pass on the review(s) to the author in question, who is informed as to whether the text will be submitted without change for the final approval of the editorial board, whether it needs to be revised, or whether it has been rejected on the basis of critical reviews.
A manuscript may be rejected on the basis of two unfavourable reviews. The author in question is informed of the main reasons why the text is to be revised or rejected. If the author is of a different opinion, he or she may state his case in a letter to the editorial board. The final decision to publish a paper is made by the editorial board on the basis of an absolute majority vote.


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