Education and Culture Centre


e-mail: [email] education[at]
Maiselova 15 (3rd floor)
110 00 Prague 1
+420 222 325 172, +420 224 819 352
fax: +420 222 318 856


[email] Eva Lejčková
assistant and administration

[email] Zuzana Pavlovská
judaism and history of the Jews

[email]  Aleš Weiss
education, fund-raising

Brno office:

třída Kpt. Jaroše 3,
602 00 Brno
tel: +420 544 509 651
fax: 544 509 652


[email]  Jitka Králová
head of the branch,
cultural programmes

[email]  Táňa Klementová
education activities

The Centre was founded in August l996 and is located in the former Jewish Quarter, across the Jewish Town Hall. The Centre provides the general public, both from the Czech Republic and abroad, with detailed information on Judaism and the history of Jewish people (with particular emphasis on the Jews in Bohemia and Moravia), as well as on anti-Semitism and the Shoah.

One of the Centre's principal tasks is to broaden the knowledge of the Czech public, particularly the young generation, on these topics and to renew awareness of the Jewish presence in the Czech Republic, a presence that was fully suppressed for more than forty years under the communist regime.

ECC - view from Maiselova Street To realize its goals the Centre works in co-operation with the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. With the Ministry's assistance, the Centre has begun projects such as the training of teachers (for which the Centre has acquired from the Ministry the important status as a teacher training institution).

The Centre also organizes regular lectures on historical, literary, philosophical and religious topics, as well as cultural events, literary evenings, book presentations, film screenings, and concerts, which are open to the public.




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